2023 Sitecore Holiday Shopping Trends for Australia

New research uncovers how Australians plan to shop this festive season

With cost-of-living pressures weighing heavily on Australian shoppers – 30% will spend less on Christmas gifts than last year, budget-conscious consumers are looking at innovative ways to alleviate the financial strain this festive season.

Reward points, “buy now, pay later” services, and AI technology will play a role in ensuring savvier spending, with almost 20% of Australians saying family members should use AI for gift ideas.

Conducted with Advanis, Sitecore’s 2023 Holiday Shopping Trends Report for Australia surveyed 1,000 consumers about their Christmas shopping plans.

The report offers valuable insights for marketers and retailers including:

  • How AI and social media are changing the way consumers shop for gifts
  • Online vs. in-person shopping trends
  • What retailers can do to improve the shopping experience this festive season

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We partnered with Advanis to conduct research in Australia. More than 1,000 Australian residents took part in a 10-minute survey about their plans for the 2023 holiday season and what retailers can do to improve the festive shopping experience. Quotas were set to balance participants by age and gender. Participants were recruited from an actively managed online panel. Participants were incented using rewards points offered by their online panel. Research was carried out between September 18–20, 2023.

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