2023 Sitecore Holiday Shopping Trends for US

Our research reveals how Americans are planning to shop this holiday season

Many Americans are already getting into the holiday spirit this year, with 28% of those polled in our 3rd annual survey saying they have started shopping for gifts.

There are also many that are taking a cautious approach given the shaky economy, so it’s more important than ever for brands to offer personalized experiences and show shoppers you understand their needs.

To that end, Black Friday is making a resurgence this year, with 66% saying they will be shopping that day, a big increase from last year when 56% said they would do so in our 2022 survey.

The US report offers tons of valuable insights for marketers and retailers alike, including:

  • Why free shipping is a make-or-break option for the majority of shoppers
  • How the online experience and social media are influencing buying
  • What inventory transparency means for shopper satisfaction

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We partnered with Advanis to conduct research in the US. 1,005 US residents took part in a 10-minute survey about their plans for the 2023 holiday season and what retailers can do to improve the festive shopping experience. Quotas were set to balance participants by age and gender. Participants were recruited from an actively managed online panel. Participants were incented using rewards points offered by their online panel. Research was carried out between September 18–20, 2023.

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