The Sitecore Affiliate Program: The starting point

Start building your relationship with Sitecore.

The Sitecore Affiliate Program is the first step in building your relationship with Sitecore. Sitecore Affiliates refer business but are not required to have technical resources such as certified developers or to implement Sitecore solutions.

The Affiliate Program can be the final step for companies that want to benefit from a relationship with Sitecore, but don’t want to make the commitment required to become a full partner.

A key benefit of this new program is the ability to register opportunities and earn referral fees for net new opportunities that mature into closed sales. For companies with aspirations of a deeper level of engagement with Sitecore, registering opportunities is the best way to ensure that your contributions are recognized and rewarded. Successful Affiliates are invited to join the Sitecore Solution Partner Program (SPP) which offers industry-leading commission rates and a host of other valuable benefits.

Start your relationship with Sitecore

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