A new year can mark a fresh start in many different ways. Maybe it’s a New Year’s resolution, or setting new stretch goals at work, or maybe simply envisioning what the future looks like for yourself or your family.

For Sitecore, it means many things as well, including a refresh to our brand. We wanted to update how we look and feel, reflecting the excitement around the organizational growth and the four acquisitions we have made in the past 12 months to accelerate the delivery of a truly SaaS-enabled composable DXP for our customers.

To help get to launch day, we’ve spent the past several months working closely with one of our strategic global partners and best brand building agencies in the world – WPP and its subsidiary Superunion. Their creative vision has been a driving force for Sitecore’s new visuals and messaging that you’ll be seeing going forward.

Sitecore’s new vision and mission

A few months ago, Sitecore also updated our vision and mission to go along with our ambitious growth plans and expanding solution portfolio. So, as we set out to undertake the rebrand, we did so with the updated mission and vision in mind: Our mission is to Elevate leading brands through unforgettable digital connection with their customers. And, our guiding vision is to Disrupt the market with innovative solutions that turn consumers into fans.

We’ve always been driven to empower brands to deliver memorable digital experiences, and as we continue to grow and bring new, innovative DXP solutions to the market, we want to fulfill our promises to our partners, customers, and employees to elevate the brands that work with us and bring innovation to the DXP market, as set forth in our mission and vision.

As we look to bring our new brand to life in the market, you will see three personality traits – Bold, Inventive, and Passionate. We want to be a brand that is thought-provoking, disrupts for the right reasons at the right moments, embraces imaginative ideas to create groundbreaking solutions, and shares our enthusiasm for what the future holds in our industry.

What makes Sitecore unique

As part of our new vision and mission, we’ve also honed-in on the three best ways to describe what Sitecore’s composable digital experience platform will allow you to do.

Connect Intelligently

Data in context powers new perspectives and possibilities. When you have tools and insights that allow you to anticipate consumer needs and preferences, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition. We provide solutions that enable you to deliver more engaging, personalized content across all touchpoints. With Sitecore platforms, brands can learn faster, act sooner, and connect more effectively than ever.

Compete with Agility

To meet the expectations of today’s digitally savvy and demanding consumers, brands need to be able to build experiences quickly, expand and scale easily, and always have the flexibility to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions.

Sitecore’s fully composable digital experience ecosystem integrates seamlessly with many other martech tools, so your team can stay focused on maximizing success. Our flexible technology is never in the way. It is the way.

Stand Out

The tech you use should never put you in a box. It should fuel big ideas, allow for distinctive design, accelerate your business transformation, and deliver digital experiences that turn customers into fans.

Sitecore gives you what you need to be ready for your next big move and rise above your competitors.

We’re just beginning

Today marks just the first phase of our brand refresh. Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll be seeing more new content that reflects the new Sitecore look and feel, including videos, campaigns, social media posts, communications around upcoming events, and more.

We’re excited to have you along for our journey and thanks for being part of the global Sitecore community.