San Francisco, April 25, 2023 - Sitecore® a global leader in end-to-end digital experience software, today announced complete Open AI ChatGPT integration across its array of fully composable software solutions. This feature release, powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service will provide marketers the ability to integrate Generative AI functionality into their Sitecore-powered martech stack to supercharge efficiency, personalization, and content production at scale across Sitecore’s entire range of composable solutions.

According to an exclusive Sitecore survey of over 400 US marketers conducted in March 2023 by Advanis, a leading global social research firm, 74% of US marketers are actively investing in Generative AI technologies to support their marketing or customer experience functions, with another 23% of US marketers seriously considering investment in the short-term. These statistics prove that generative AI (of which ChatGPT is the most well-known brand) is seen as a pivotal, game-changing advancement for brand marketers searching for solutions that can deliver rapid-fire personalization to customers desiring intuitive, engaging digital experiences.

Sitecore’s unique, fully-composable offering provides maximum flexibility allowing marketers to ‘build their own solution’ by bringing their own AI to integrate with open APIs (application programming interfaces) and configurable UIs. Examples of this in action include integration of ChatGPT into Sitecore XM Cloud CMS (Content Management System) to create near-instant translations and leveraging ChatGPT to rephrase marketing copy created in Content Hub to better target specific segments and destination channels. Additionally, Sitecore customers can use Dall-E to generate image variants for omnichannel campaigns being managed across Sitecore's Content Cloud.

“What makes our Generative AI offering so innovative is our composable strategy,” explains Dave O’Flanagan, Sitecore’s chief product officer. “Generative AI developments are moving incredibly fast. In fact, while 77% of US marketers feel their technology can handle AI demands, 45% are concerned by the significant costs they perceive will be required to maintain growth.

“Sitecore’s composable platform helps combat this fear by giving Sitecore customers the ability to leverage our unique, composable offering, which allows brands to control when and how much spend they can invest depending on customer needs.”

AI is seen as the most important martech investment for 79% of US marketers according to the Advanis survey, with digital experience software selected as the number two priority. Software providers that can integrate generative AI functions into digital experience software delivery will therefore be addressing the most important needs for savvy, solution-focused brands.

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