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Procter & Gamble

Carving a path to a successful headless business

P&G delivers autonomy, drives engagement with JoltX, a flexible, easy-to-use platform

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Building a future-proof platform

With an eye toward establishing a deeper and lasting connection with consumers, P&G needed to deploy an adaptable, easy-to-use platform that boosted engagement and autonomy across 13 markets. Improving speed and flexibility for content editors and reducing service-desk requests were also necessary. To meet these goals, P&G had to rework the user experience and the user interface with new features, while increasing content update speed and improving the relevance of content material.

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Establishing deeper connections

Using the latest technology including Sitecore XP, Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) 15.0.1 and based on a Sitecore-first React approach, P&G created the JoltX platform. Part of its Lifestages program, the cloud-native platform has a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) infrastructure and environment setup. The intuitive and automated solution is designed to enable high-performance, high-level security, resilience, and efficient cloud-costs. JoltX gives local markets the ability to update, create, and publish content in real-time or on-demand with a new publishing service. It also offers the possibility to better link branded and non-branded content for a holistic consumer experience.

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increase in conversions


increase in speed


in performance


A forward-looking transformation powered by Sitecore

In the midst of a pandemic that caused great disruption worldwide, P&G has built a platform that works for its global contributors, helping them to work smarter and enabling the business to achieve integrated operational excellence. Users have witnessed higher performance and an improvement in image quality, data integration, and mobile adaptability. Interaction rates, satisfaction levels, and market buy-in have progressed as well. The user experience and user interface has advanced dramatically, increasing flexibility and higher stability.

Since migrating to the new platform there has been a 120% increase in consumer conversions. Speed and performance have improved by over 400% and 200%, respectively. Network auto-scaling has mitigated any negative impact to the user experience during peak campaign times.

JoltX’s stability also has reduced incidents and increased uptime. Thousands of customers use JoltX to learn about P&G brands, share opinions, and receive purchase incentives, helping the company drive product trials. By building a closer relationship with its consumer base, P&G has been able to develop a deeper understanding of their needs and respond accordingly. For example, its coupon feature has been updated to make it easier to use and a new solution has been added to allow charitable donations, supporting the most vulnerable groups of society.

The company has grown closer to its consumers, and its focus on accessibility and inclusiveness has earned P&G a Google Lighthouse website audit score of 97/100. The JoltX platform demonstrates the power of innovation and new technologies—fueling a transformation that touches every element of P&G’s global business.

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