Saxo bank moves from 40 to one site structure with Sitecore

In order to significantly improve customer experience and delivering more quality leads in a more efficient manner, Saxo Bank – together with Sitecore and an implementation partner – created a new online platform, which is aimed at offering a clear digital journey for Saxo Bank’s current and potential clients.

After an in-depth investigation, Saxo Bank concluded that the existing SharePoint platform had various drawbacks, including the lack of a clear software roadmap. It also did not address the banks’ requirements in terms of flexibility, analytics, personalization and user interface design. Together with a project partner, Saxo Bank examined a number of alternative solutions and technologies and selected Sitecore.

The team at Saxo Bank created one single structure for 26 markets. The new platform quickly enabled the company to save half of the time required to put campaigns in place. In addition, it is now much easier to add markets to the the new structure, and the process for doing so has been significantly decreased from months to a matter of weeks.  The next steps in the project include increased use of other platform features, including the use of dynamic content, and enhancing the infrastructure’s flexibility and scalability.


  • Significantly improve customer experience
  • Deliver more quality leads, in a more efficient manner
  • Meet strict compliance rules in various countries and regions


  • Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Supplemental Analytics Software


  • One integrated platform for all Saxo Bank websites
  • Easy development, deployment and management of (new) sites
  • Faster time to market and quicker roll-out of sites and services
  • More room for local offices to create and distribute targeted content
  • Strong foundation for a more flexible, cloud-focused strategy