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A siloed approach hinders consistency

VIU by HUB is dedicated to delivering exceptional user experiences. From its website to its mobile app, the company’s digital tools are designed to make it easier for customers to discover the insurance products that best suit their needs. 

As part of its digital strategy, VIU aims to deliver consistent brand experiences across touchpoints. However, its existing approach was siloed, hindering content distribution. Complex code and a lack of documentation also meant it was time-consuming for the development team to implement changes. To meet its goals, the company was keen to future-proof its website technology and improve the efficiency of its digital teams.


Composable approach boosts efficiency

VIU has transformed its website by adopting a composable architecture and headless approach to content management with Sitecore Experience Platform 10.2, on Sitecore Managed Cloud. The implementation took just five months and included the integration of the company’s key web applications for important functions such as A/B testing, analytics, and customer data management.

With the new digital platform, VIU has significantly improved efficiency. It can take an omnichannel approach to content distribution across multiple touchpoints, including the company’s mobile app.  

Next in VIU’s SaaS journey, the company plans to roll out Sitecore XM Cloud and Sitecore Personalize, which will enable VIU to optimize customer experiences with personalization and create, manage, and deliver relevant content lightning-fast. 


Better customer experiences lead to greater competitive advantage

With streamlined content creation, optimization, and distribution, VIU has enabled significant time and resource savings. For example, the team can now implement updates 10 times faster than previously. It has enhanced its ability to launch new products and updates five-fold, unlocking greater productivity, boosting business agility, and accelerating growth. 

Leveraging best-of-breed technologies and a composable approach also helps the company provide exceptional user experiences, which drives customer engagement and conversion rates, and helps to position VIU as an industry leader in personal insurance.