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Aldar increased engagement and sales with Sitecore

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A propos

Aldar is a real estate development, management and investment company with headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Mirum Agency is a leading digital agency that is entrepreneurial, and creates agile teams to blend strategy, design, technology, and data to drive innovation. Mirum and Aldar converged efforts to create and design the Aldar 2.0 website, building a truly memorable experience that engages home buyers, property owners, and investors through data-driven technology. 

Platinum Solution Partner

Mirum is a leading global digital agency with regional offices in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and South Africa with a team of 100+ digital savants. Our expertise ranges from service design and creating data led CX to end to end development and optimization while integrating data and insights allowing our clients to personalize the platforms we build. Customer always being at the core alongside business goals and objectives.

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