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  • Centralize platform for 60+ stores
  • Personalize site to show only those brands available in customers’ regions
  • Empower local stores aligned with national brand
  • Publicize local events
  • Generate more boat-sale leads


  • Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP 8.2)
    • Geo-IP
  • Integrations:
    • IDS-Astra customer relationship management 
    • BoatWizard: inventory management  
    • MarineMax-built portal for feeding store information to website
    • Algolia: search 
    • BoatChat


  • 35% increase in users, 38% rise in returning users, 36% increase in user sessions
  • From organic traffic, 28% increase in users and 30% rise in sessions 
  • Leads rose by 18%
  • saw a 52% increase in leads
  • 12% increase in revenue in 2018

Navigating to a smoother user experience

Working with Sitecore partner Sagepath, MarineMax implemented Sitecore XP, and leveraged the software’s Geo-IP capabilities to localize content presentation. Visitors are asked to share their location, and then assigned to the closest MarineMax store. The homepage displays a hero image or video based on that store, promotes local upcoming events, and displays available products. Customers now get a personalized experience based on their location and boating interests.

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