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  • Deliver a unified experience across all markets
  • Be the central point for all digital channel communication
  • Create a clear global-local brand message
  • Improve customer experience globally
  • Deliver operational efficiencies for content creation and SEO
  • Deliver operation savings by consolidating costs
  • Control 54 different international identities and 36 languages
  • Sites and content managed by 15 CMS systems and 14 product repositories



  • Delivered a global publishing platform supporting a consistent brand
  • Consolidated 54 local country markets and 36 languages in one place
  • Enabled a single product view
  • Provided 54 markets freedom to manage local digital presence under a single, centralized brand
  • Reduced corporate date centercosts and hardware and local cost savings through single licensing models
  • Reduced time/cost to create, maintain, and publish web content in multiple through centralized, single-point translation

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