Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Southern Phone Company

Southern Phone Company, a leading Australian telecom, provides customers with world-class phone, mobile and broadband services. To grow, though, its digital presence needed to be equally outstanding: more scalable and responsive, more dynamic, and most of all, better at leveraging customer data to boost user engagement and increase sales.

Working with EPAM, Southern Phone shifted its site to the Sitecore platform to create a more user-friendly digital experience, with page load times up to 80% faster and more efficient communication between customers and support agents. The new e-commerce platform also enables more personalized messaging and intelligent marketing based on geographic, demographic, and campaign triggers. Southern Phone can now easily create and launch dynamic and complex product structures and relationships for more profitable cross-selling, upselling, bundling, and special offers. Moreover, organic search rankings and the average value of each site visit are both higher. Less than a year after implementation, Southern Phone's conversion rates have improved 35% and are still rising.




Australia and New Zealand

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