Jabra – Getting, growing and keeping customers with a new web presence based on Sitecore's Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) at the very core of the entire solution

Jabra is a global producer of innovative headset and speakerphone solutions. The company employs approximately 875 people and has sales offices all over the globe. Jabra enables effortless communication for mobile users, office-based and contact center employees in all parts of the world. Jabra is a division in GN Great Nordic, which was established in 1869 and is headquartered in Denmark.


With the new web presence, Jabra wanted to focus completely on customers. They had two goals:

  1. Dramatically improve the customers` experience when interacting with Jabra online;
  2. Build a stronger online presence and website with a new technical platform.

The goal for the new website was to prioritize and focus on customer needs and adapt to these. This would allow Jabra to become relevant to the customer, fulfill the goal of the customer and add value to customers` visits on Jabra.com.

The Jabra.com project was part of the overall JUICE project program (Jabra Unified Integrated Customer Experience), which is a very ambitious digital business transformation program.

Jabra.com was the first major release on the Sitecore-based platform, followed by the Global rollout of Jabra.com in 18 localized versions worldwide, with more coming.

“The Juice program is a strong and brave vision for meeting the expectations from the rapidly growing group of people, engaging with Jabra through multiple digital channels. A flexible and scalable engagement platform is key to provide the appropriate tools for the organization. Sitecore is a platform that provides strong tools for both the innovative marketer and the responsible and timely IT manager. We often recommend Sitecore to our clients, if the need for working with agile marketing, to benefit from the possibilities provided through the digital ecosystem, is at play.” Jesper Valentin Holm, Valtech

Thus, a flexible Content Management System (CMS) was needed. The major objective was to create a customer centric user experience as well as delivering key business KPIs. Jabra has a high focus on performance and on fulfilling business goals.  Key success points are measured in increased web traffic, more returning visitors, an increase in number of leads and in generated sales, social media engagement and ultimately with a growing market share. The existing CMS was too inflexible and too difficult to manage and maintain from a technical, content editing and information management perspective.

Supporting true business transformation and increasing online business management were crucial for the decision regarding the new CMS.


A cutting-edge customer engagement platform was needed to support Jabra’s very ambitious digital transformation program, which goes far beyond standard core CMS functionalities.

“Sitecore was considered to be the most flexible, scalable and robust CMS to implement an engagement platform. The tools presented and the possibilities to modify features and functions as well as the openness to 3rd party integrations, were key for choosing Sitecore.

The Digital Marketing System (DMS) was another key reason for the choice, since the business case of the new site rests on full-blown use of behavioral targeting.” Michael Harboe, Director, Online Marketing, Jabra

DMS is at the very core of Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform. All lead-generating functionality is built around the DMS with tight integration to Engagement Analytics and the company’s CRM system.

The design is highly modular, allowing for adaptive content in specific modules, user profiling and responsiveness on various devices. Both the website background and the top “banner” on the various pages are marketing space. This means that the local marketing and branding departments can use this space for full blown campaign “takeovers”, and thus creating a unique platform for product launches and other high profile communication.

Dynamic Personalization uses behavioral targeting to give Jabra’s customers an ideal customer experience when recognizing them from earlier visits to the site. As a result, Jabra ensures that customers are being presented information that is relevant to them, i.e. in relation to their geographic location, use of search phrases, interests, products previously purchased, etc. The intention is to encourage customers to want to engage more in the Jabra brand and the many great products Jabra is offering.

Jabra also optimized their site for mobile/tablets, with a customer centric, responsive design.


With Sitecore's CMS and DMS, Jabra was able to create not only a new website for its global customers but also, and this is much more important, a full-blown customer engagement platform. The main target of customer centricity and focusing on customers no matter where they are located in a personal way could be achieved.

As a result, the Jabra website was recently awarded a prestigious WebAward for “Best Electronics Website” by WMA.

Jabra is excited about what the future holds: to see the first business KPIs and to implement the next steps which will be

  • Extranet solution for partners and retailers
  • Servicenet solution for partners and retailers
  • B2P E-commerce solution
  • B2C E-commerce solution

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Sitecore 6.5
  • Sitecore’s DMS is at the very core of the entire solution. All lead generating functionality is built around the DMS with tight integration to Engagement Analytics and CRM
  • Adaptation of design and styling to local needs and very long languages like Chinese and Japanese
  • Setup of cultural packages
  • Localized tracking
  • Massive server scaling and technical tweaks
  • Maxmind Sitecore integrated service
  • Webforms for Marketeers (WFFM)
  • Hedgehog Team Development for Sitecore
  • Integration with external translation provider, which delivers translated content for the many translated websites
  • Localized integration to Jabra CRM
  • Axapta PIM / ERP
  • Sharepoint for delivery of specifc content types
  • Google Analytics
  • Etracker
  • Navision ERP to provide eCommerce order management
  • Integration of social features in various ways: