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  • Keep customers informed during the rollout of optic fiber in the Netherlands
  • Connect one million additional homes to the optic fiber network before 2021
  • Convert visitors to active fiber users
  • Receive permission for the installation of the fiber connection 
  • Activate user lines by purchasing an Internet package from a provider
  • Dramatically simplify user journey
  • Streamline multiple external data sources



  • Re-established KPN brand as the authority on fiber networks
  • Re-established KPN brand as the authority on fiber networks
    • 34.5% to 60% of residents in an optical fiber rollout area subscribed to newsletters to receive updates 
    • 72% to 88% of residents gave permission to install a fiber termination unit (FTU) via the website 
    • Newsletter subscribers were 30% more likely to give permission for a FTU than non-subscribers
    • Multiple site were implementated servicing two different target audiences, each having their own website and branding

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