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The emerging CIO

The role of the CIO has changed — get the insight you need to keep leading

2021: The year of the CIO

Whether empowering a remote workforce, enabling digital-only engagements, or ensuring security, CIOs had their job cut out for them last year. By rising to the challenge, many saved their organizations and, in the process, transformed the role.

Get our latest guide, “2021: The year of the CIO,” to discover what’s changed, how leaders are responding, and much more.

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Cloud computing in business and the future of CX

We know it, and so do you — the cloud is the future of computing. The challenge is developing an (often hybrid-) cloud strategy for today that adapts alongside your organization.

From future proofing to security to what’s at stake for those who lag, Sitecore CTO Tom De Ridder offers insight that CIOs won’t want to miss.

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CIO persona campaign


5 reasons to migrate to the cloud

The video above highlights the top 5 reasons to migrate to the cloud:

  1. Increased agility
  2. Accelerated time to value
  3. Security
  4. Improved scalability, performance, and uptime
  5. Faster pace of innovation

Exploring each of these benefits in more depth, this brochure offers insight for strategists, technologists, and other leaders.

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Case study

Klépierre turns shopping into a lifestyle experience
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UnitingCare Queensland

Case study

UnitingCare Queensland empowers a diverse healthcare community
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