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The Affiliate Portal: Sitecore Affiliate Network (SAN) is live!

Every resource you need to succeed as an Affiliate is waiting for you on this new portal. SAN registration is required to continue registering opportunities and accessing all Affiliate program information.

Sitecore Affiliate Program

Referral Registration Guidelines

Section I:
Affiliate Program description and benefits

The key purpose of the Sitecore Affiliate Program (“Affiliate Program”) is to enable companies that wish to engage with Sitecore on a deeper level to register opportunities and earn referral fees. Registering opportunities is the best way to ensure that your contributions are recognized and rewarded, and referral fees are remitted to Affiliates that register net new licensing opportunities (further described below) which result in closed sales of “Sitecore Software” (which means any software developed by Sitecore that may be licensed now or in the future, including but not limited to Sitecore® Experience Manager and the Sitecore® Experience Platform).

Depending on the level of engagement and success of registered opportunities, Affiliates may be invited to join the Sitecore Solution Partner Program which offers industry-leading commission rates and various other valuable benefits. Learn more here.

Section II: General eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Affiliate Program, a company must be in good standing, with no outstanding unresolved issues with Sitecore or its customers, and must maintain such good standing after becoming an Affiliate.

A company then becomes an “Affiliate” and is granted entry to the Affiliate Program when it has read, and accepts and agrees to (i) these Sitecore Affiliate Program Referral Registration Guidelines and (ii) the Sitecore Affiliate Program Agreement, and has evidenced its acceptance by clicking “I agree”.

In the event of any conflict, the “Sitecore Affiliate Program Referral Registration Guidelines” supersede any written or verbal expectations or commitments.

Section III: Affiliate sales role in Opportunities

An Affiliate-referred opportunity is created by (i) registration of a net-new opportunity (which means an opportunity which has not previously been submitted to Sitecore by any other Affiliate or other partner, and was not known to Sitecore, through internal registration or any other means, prior to being registered by the Affiliate, “Opportunity”) and (ii) Sitecore’s acceptance of such Opportunity.

Section IV: Registering Opportunities

To refer an Opportunity to Sitecore for Sitecore’s consideration, an Affiliate must register the Opportunity by completing the Referral Registration Form located on the Sitecore Affiliate Portal.

Further details on how to complete the Referral Registration Form are set out below.

For a Referral Registration Form to be accepted the following criteria must be met:

  • Complete the form: Satisfactory completion of the relevant fields in the Referral Registration Form, as determined by Sitecore.
  • Net-new opportunity: The Opportunity has not been previously registered:
    • by another Affiliate or partner (being a member of any of Sitecore’s other partner programs); or
    • as a direct opportunity internally at Sitecore.

For expedient approval please include the following criteria to be reviewed:

  • Budget: Affiliate should understand the prospective customer’s rough budget and provide an estimate on the Referral Registration Form.
  • Authority: The contact person at the prospective customer, ideally someone who has the decision-making authority or influence to make the decision. Their name, email, phone, and job title must be provided on the Referral Registration Form.
  • Need: Affiliate should understand the prospective customer’s needs, including whether there is a specific reason the prospective customer is pursuing the Opportunity now, and whether any other solutions are being considered.
  • Timing: Affiliate should understand how soon the prospective customer plans to purchase.

Section V: Approval and expiry of opportunities

Upon registration of an Opportunity, the Affiliate’s completed Referral Registration Form will be routed to the appropriate Sitecore personnel for review and subsequent acceptance or rejection.

Opportunities must be registered at least 30 days before the resulting deal is closed and the customer makes a purchase of Sitecore Software.

In most cases, Affiliates will receive confirmation of acceptance or rejection of the registration within five (5) working days of registration. Failure to provide a response shall not be deemed an acceptance by Sitecore, and if after thirty (30) days of registering the Opportunity, Sitecore has still not responded, it will be deemed “rejected”.

An Opportunity referred via a Referral Registration Form expires the earlier of (i) six (6) months after registration and (ii) Sitecore, at its sole discretion, removing or de-registering such Opportunity. Sitecore and the Affiliate may agree to extend the expiration period for any Opportunity by mail, email or fax.

Public Tenders

In public tenders, also known as Requests for Information (RFI) or Requests for Proposal (RFP), recognition for initiating a net-new opportunity varies based on circumstances. Here are two of the most common scenarios.

  • If Sitecore is explicitly and exclusively named in the tender, then recognition for initiating the opportunity will be awarded only if the Affiliate registering the opportunity can provide documentary evidence that they caused Sitecore to be specifically named in the tender as the only technology option.
  • If Sitecore is not explicitly named as the selected technology, then recognition for initiating and co-selling the opportunity will be awarded to the Affiliate who wins the contract and can provide documentary evidence that they recommended only Sitecore in their bid. Deal Registration remains pending until the contract is awarded. If the public tender is published by an existing customer, the required documentation should show that the Affiliate suggested additional licensing (e.g. add-on, P2s, cloud).

As with all Deal Registrations—and particularly in public tenders, which often involve unique circumstances—Sitecore may adjust, reject, or expire Deal Registrations at Sitecore’s discretion.

Section VI:
Referral fees

A referral fee is awarded to an Affiliate that identifies and registers an Opportunity that ultimately results in a closed deal for Sitecore, i.e. that Sitecore Software is purchased, within the timeframe (above). The referring Affiliate is eligible for a referral fee regardless of their level of involvement in the Opportunity after registration. A referral fee is remitted to an Affiliate by electronic transfer and there are no restrictions on how such referral fee is used by an Affiliate.

A “referral fee” (or “Commission”) is calculated as a percentage of “commission eligible billings”, as further detailed below. The referral fee ‘percentage structure’ is as follows:

Perpetual Cloud Subscription
Percentage of “commission eligible billings” 5% 5% 10%

Commission eligible billings: This is the percentage of the billings value that are eligible for a commission:

  • 100% of perpetual billings are eligible for commission.
  • 50% of the first-year annual contract value of subscription billings are eligible for commission, so long as payments are at least annual up-front (see exclusion below for less than annual payments).
  • 50% of the first-year annual contract value of cloud billings are eligible for commission.


The following billings are not eligible for commission:

  • Maintenance and support
  • Renewals
  • Training and consulting services
  • Any booking where the minimum commitment period is less than one year and/or the payment schedule is less than annual upfront payments (e.g., monthly, quarterly, or biannual payments)
  • Any resale of third-party products or services
  • Any other booking type not specifically listed in the commission-eligible billings table above

In cases where a referral fee exceeds €100,000, payment of such amount is subject to additional review and approval by Sitecore at its sole discretion.

Section VII: Requesting and receiving referral fees

Referral fees are calculated as set forth in Section VI above. Upon Sitecore’s receipt of full payment from the end customer, the Affiliate will be notified that it needs to invoice Sitecore for its referral fee. Instructions will be provided for how to manage the invoicing process. Referral fees will be paid in the currency in which the end customer has paid its invoice. Sitecore may, at its sole discretion, deduct any outstanding debt or deferred amounts before disbursing the referral fee via electronic transfer.

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