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The rise of the headless CMS

Explore why it is becoming more popular and why you should consider adopting this solution for your business.

Get the right balance of flexibility and control

Companies may often manage their websites using traditional content management systems (CMS) but when organizations face challenges reaching and engaging specific audiences, headless implementations decrease time to market and empower marketers with control over content.

We’ve created this hub that includes a variety of content, highlighting how Sitecore’s headless CMS is a powerful option for your marketing and IT teams, and your business.

What is a headless CMS?

Dive into everything marketers and developers need to know about headless, decoupled, and API-first content management systems.

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Hybrid-headless CMS

Explore how to enjoy the full flexibility and reach that a headless CMS delivers, without sacrificing any of the powerful marketing features you need.

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A headless approach to engagement

Familiarize yourself with how a headless architecture can be fundamental to meeting new content challenges by joining our webinar on staying engaged and engaging with target audiences.

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Oriflame extends mobile reach with headless implementation

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Innogy creates a consistent online presence across brands

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The key to IoT marketing

With a headless CMS, marketers can easily create content once and then distribute it to any IoT device—without calling on the IT department at every turn.

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Headless CMS for event marketing

A global martech company wanted to revamp their event website to enable omnichannel delivery without losing personalization, decreasing time to market compared to the previous year’s event website.

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Your dream development workflow

From ideation to prototype and iteration, a headless CMS makes it possible for developers to move quickly and better serve marketing requests. 

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