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Bertil Majer

Chief Legal Officer

“We are committed to doing business ethically and upholding the highest standards of integrity and compliance in every facet of our operations."

At Sitecore, we are unwavering in our commitment to exceeding industry standards and regulations, ensuring that we operate as a business with a conscience. We are grateful for the trust our customers and business partners place in us - a trust that propels our exponential growth. To honour this trust, we operate with an unwavering commitment to ethical and transparent business practices, fortified by well-defined policies and guidelines.

Our cornerstone is the publicly accessible Code of Business Conduct, which sets the standard for every member of the Sitecore community. This code not only clarifies acceptable behaviours but also provides a shared framework for ethical decision-making.

As we continue to grow, we reaffirm our commitment to maintaining these high standards. We want our customers and business partners to be confident in their association with Sitecore, assured in the knowledge that they are collaborating with a company fundamentally committed to ethical, transparent, and compliant business practices.

For your convenience, we now want to share with you the following relevant articles and policies: