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Global Data Consultants, LLC (GDC IT Solutions)

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GDC IT Solutions (GDC) delivers cutting-edge digital experiences for clients nationwide.

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For nearly 30 years, GDC has empowered businesses to increase employee productivity, maximize investments, and improve operational efficiencies.

GDC offers innovative Sitecore Digital Experience (DX) Solutions that meet clients’ needs of full-lifecycle integration and expert support from start to finish.

As a proud Silver Partner with Sitecore, GDC understands digital experiences serve as the lifeblood for many organizations. Sitecore’s unique and intuitive platform offers clients the opportunity to revolutionize the way they do business.

Featured Sitecore Projects

Full-Lifecycle Start to Finish

GDC led a complete redesign and Sitecore implementation – adoption support, personalization, content operations, and more - for a platform hosting several high-profile brands serving users internationally across 50 countries. Sitecore has streamlined user search for assembling documents from a library, doubling engagement to help generate new leads, increasing page views by 30%, while also decreasing bounce rates. These features were facilitated by Sitecore XM, XP, SXA, and have integrated with a third-party Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform.

2020 Honorable Mention Case Study:

Support and Upgrades

GDC has provided application services support for nearly 30 years and best-in-class Sitecore support to its portfolio for almost a decade. Maintaining a Sitecore environment hosting three industry leading brands in lifts, trucks, and access equipment internationally, GDC developed and optimized core features allowing users to efficiently locate products, dealers, and documents. Additionally, the client has chosen GDC as their preferred partner in upgrading their existing Sitecore platform from 8.2 to 10.1.

Support, Upgrades, and Mobile Responsiveness

GDC has been the ongoing support provider for a global leader in the crane manufacturing industry through maintaining critical business features such as forms, content, and search. They have provided upgrades to existing Sitecore platforms, developed a new mobile responsive parts-related microsite, and enhancements to existing implementations of Sitecore.

Have a Sitecore Project?

Contact GDC today to schedule a consultation with their Sitecore experts and learn more about leveraging the Sitecore platform to create a streamlined digital experience for your customers. Whether you need help with a new Sitecore implementation or supporting an existing one, their experts work with you to create a quality product every step of the way.

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Sitecore partners can unlock the maximum value of your Sitecore investment with the right expertise, experience, and knowledge to solve your toughest digital experience challenges.

You can be assured success of your Sitecore project, knowing that our partners are Sitecore certified and will quickly demonstrate their product knowledge. Select partners have earned Sitecore Specialization, showing an even deeper understanding and proven track record of success working with our products.

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Global Data Consultants LLC GDC IT Solutions


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