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Alpha Order Fulfillment


Alpha Order Fulfillment mobile app powered by Sitecore OrderCloud

The mobile order fulfillment app that makes picking and packing orders easier than ever.


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Alpha Order Fulfillment is a fast and responsive Progressive Web App that supports barcode scanning to enhance productivity. It caters to various use cases, including retailers with multiple brick and mortar stores. The app enables Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS) and delivery options, utilizing multiple providers such as Uber or DoorDash. The retailer doesn't have a dedicated inventory for online orders, but the picking process occurs at each physical store directly from the shelves. With Alpha Order Fulfillment, retailers can efficiently manage their online orders while optimizing their in-store inventory.

Optimize your pick and pack process

Does your organization have the tools you need to easily and fully manage order fulfillment?

With Alpha Order Fulfillment, your order management team will have the following functionality right in the palm of their hands:

  • List orders ready for fulfillment at each store
  • Assign orders to yourself or unassign as needed
  • Direct phone call to customer if you need to talk about potential changes to the order
  • Add notes to the order
  • Designed and optimized for single-hand-use
  • Short order lines - adding or subtracting quantities
  • Substitutions - switching products out with other products
  • Search for products in the product catalog
  • Barcode scan, for easy search and/or substitutions
  • Printing out packing lists

The app is easy to customize for specific needs and use cases – whether B2C or B2B.


Open, flexible and fast

Alpha Order Fulfillment is built for ease and productivity


Single hand use

Alpha Order Fulfillment is optimized for single hand use, so you can use the other hand to pick the products for your order.



Alpha Order Fulfillment provides a quick, productive and flexible solution for in-store order fulfillment.


Packing lists

Print packing lists when and if needed directly from the Alpha Order Fulfillment mobile app.


Barcode scan

Alpha Order Fulfillment includes barcode scanning directly from your handheld device, making it easy to add or substitute items on the orders.

What is Alpha Order Fulfillment?

Use the link below to download our handout with a full description of the Alpha Order Fulfillment App.

Learn more

See Alpha Order Fulfillment in action

Watch the video to see how smooth and easy the Alpha Order Fulfillment app works


Alpha Order Fulfillment App in action

See examples on how Alpha Order Fulfillment works below


Short an order line using the quick quantity buttons – or select manually.


Substitute an item fast and secure using the barcode scanning feature.


Login identifies the actual store and only lists orders for that specific store.

Order assignment

Easy assignment of orders to pick for each store employee.

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