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Healthcare Experience Accelerator

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Elevated patient experiences lead to enhanced care outcomes.

Introducing the Healthcare Experience Accelerator: Avanade and Sitecore unite to deliver personalized, engaging, and seamless healthcare experiences effortlessly.


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The Healthcare Experience Accelerator shapes seamless patient experiences, driving acquisition, cost reduction, and loyalty, while prioritizing top-quality care. We enable patients to access relevant information easily, streamline appointments and onboarding, deliver personalized post-care content, develop telemedicine platforms, and leverage AI and machine learning to enhance care quality.

Combining Avanade's expertise and Sitecore's cutting-edge tools, our comprehensive solution harmonizes platforms, automations, and integrations for elevated patient care. Accelerate success with marketing tools, cloud platforms, synchronized systems, personalized engagement, and context-appropriate communications.

This is the future of healthcare consumer experiences. Unlock it with our Healthcare Experience Accelerator, achieving unparalleled patient attraction, engagement, and empowerment. The time for transformative healthcare innovation is now.

Deliver a modern healthcare experience

In today's healthcare landscape, patients wield more control and have greater access to information, making it vital for providers to engage them fully throughout the healthcare consumer journey. With providers becoming more fragmented and patients having a plethora of care options, a seamless patient experience stands as the key differentiator for enterprise health systems.

Avanade offers a digital transformation solution to boost patient engagement success.

Let's start a conversation on how we can collaborate to achieve your patient experience goals. Our one-hour call will explore healthcare trends and identify how we can facilitate your organization's growth. During the half-day workshop, we'll collaboratively uncover opportunities and align on key business objectives, paving the way for your digital health transformation journey.

Our proof of value engagement, spanning four to six weeks, will bring together our experts and your team to co-create a comprehensive patient experience strategy, business case, and roadmap.

Don't let the opportunity to enhance patient engagement slip away. Embrace the power of digital transformation with Avanade and make your patient experience a game-changer in the healthcare industry.


Designing responsive patient care

Anticipate and meet patient needs throughout the healthcare consumer experience, using data to understand the journey they take with your brand.

Pre-care experience

Marketing and patient acquisition: Tailor content based on patient journey data. Offer a seamless UX for online or in-app appointment scheduling.

Onboarding experience

Patient check-in and admission: Streamline appointments to reduce staff workload. Create a seamless scheduling experience for patients.

Care experience

Care delivery and patient interactions: Empower frontline staff with real-time data for personalized care. Enable personalized interactions and care for patients.

Post-care experience

Check-ups and personalized patient support: Improve access to care providers from home. Provide personalized health information for patient empowerment.

Create a digital front door to care

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Effective digital transformation delivers significant benefits by getting the patient experience right

Better engagement rates

Patients are more likely to engage when the experience is interactive and supports the devices they use every day.

Enhance your brand reputation

The overall opinion of your brand will improve if you can deliver ever-improving patient experiences at scale.

Increase patient loyalty

Patients are more likely to return to your brand if you continually meet and exceed experience expectations.

Extract more value from investments

Get long-term ROI with platforms that offer the ability to evolve and grow with your business requirements.

Achieve operational efficiencies

Reduce costs and make resources more productive by making patient processes more efficient.

Grow revenue faster

Patients are prepared to pay more for better experiences, so if you can deliver you can realize greater revenue growth.

Patient Experience Accelerator deliverables and work products

Our dynamic, holistic approach empowers your organization to adapt to the evolving needs of healthcare consumers.


Comparative analysis

Develop a comparative benchmarking study to expand your competitive knowledge around patient experiences.



Generate up to four mindset deliverables to understand how patient personas view the value of digital healthcare experiences.


Patient journeys

Build up to four unique patient journey maps to identify and define the moments that matter for a patient considering care.


Creative brief

Craft a compelling creative brief to inspire an innovative approach to the patient’s digital front door to care.


Experience vision

Ideate a vision of success for healthcare consumers to document a North Star for your organization’s approach to the digital front door experience.


MVP definition

Capture a list of requirements for features and functionality grouped around an agile and iterative roll out to bring our ideas to life.


Sequencing roadmap

Produce a high-level roadmap to document how our journey to the ideal digital front door to care will unfold over time.


Agile project plan

Create a detailed, agile project plan as the last step before we embark on the execution of design and build phases together.

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