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Sagittarius BOSS


Business objectives connected to your Sitecore strategy in 4 simple steps. Level up your personalization.

Emotional connections turn strangers into customers. Creating, managing, and serving personalized content in a meaningful way is the key to connect and convert.


Sitecore XP

Sitecore Experience Platform

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Customer Data Platform

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Sitecore Personalize



Experience Design

Customer Segmentation


Our Business Optimization for Sitecore Strategy (BOSS) program has been created by Sagittarius' Sitecore Strategy MVPs and combines workshops, strategic planning reviews, and hands-on support to help organizations optimize their Sitecore XP & Personalize solutions.

The program has been designed to help clients, like you, level up and establish your Sitecore personalization strategy. By working through the required steps to put a robust implementation plan in place and provide a framework to steer future personalization configurations, you'll be BOSSing it in no time.

Connecting with customers in a meaningful way

The path to personalization is rarely linear and requires significant upfront thought and effort to establish.

To deliver your personalization strategy, and the relevant outputs needed for Sitecore configuration, we work through a simple 4-step process.

  • Vision, Objectives & Goals
  • Channels & Segments
  • Engagement Mapping
  • Personalization

Different stakeholders have different needs from technology. With this in mind, we encourage you to bring as many relevant key stakeholders as possible, including Sales & Marketing, Customer Services, Operations and Finance, enabling us to explore different customer perspectives.

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How does BOSS work?

To deliver your personalization strategy, and the relevant outputs needed for Sitecore configuration, we work through a 4-step process.


Vision, objective & goals

Setting a solid strategy by choosing the right goals will help you validate and ensure you are making progress towards your overall business goals


Channels & segments

Identifying the types of audiences that engage with your brand and learning the context around their visit will enable effective segmentation and channel personalization


Engagement mapping

Having a stronger grasp of our customers’ mindset allows us to craft more meaningful content and understand how it should evolve from channel to channel



Content is what connects us with our customers on an emotional level. Being able to create, manage, and serve this to them in a meaningful way is what gets them to convert

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