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Digital Employee Experience Platform


Connect and personalize your employee experience to engage your entire workforce

DoZen is a people-first digital workplace solution built on Sitecore that empowers organizations to fully personalize and integrate their end-to-end employee experience.


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An evolved workplace for an evolved perspective, DoZen connects and engages your workforce by bringing together your communications channels, workplace apps, and enterprise systems into one personalized and seamless experience. DoZen harnesses the power of Sitecore to bring employee experiences to life by focusing on personalized journeys that enhance and optimize key professional and personal moments. Each one of these components come together to provide a seamlessly integrated employee-centric ecosystem ready to meet the needs of the new worker in the new normal.

Bring employee digital experiences to life

Personalized and curated for every individual employee

Employees see what’s most relevant to them based on their role, location, and even behavior.

Employee-centric components empower you to customize and conceptualize your ideal workplace.

Incorporate and collaborate from an employee’s first day

Automated onboarding communications and activities welcome and engage new team members. customize and personalize each journey based on their role, department, and location, supporting new employees from day one.

A people-first environment both on and off the clock

Culturally driven spaces that foster camaraderie and community ensure the well-being of both your organization and employees. By offering dynamic spaces for employees to have open conversations and discuss community-focused topics, you make employees feel seen, heard, and connected.

Seamlessly integrated and effortlessly engaging

Core omnichannel communications tools come together to provide a unified employee-centric ecosystem ready to meet the needs of workers in the new normal.

Inspiring happier and more engaged employees

By linking to enterprise systems, employees have a consolidated view of their tasks, providing a unified and personalized experience.

Enhance understanding and empower engagement

Get deeper insight into employee engagement, traffic patterns, and impact with Sitecore’s Engagement Value Metrics, Path Analyzer, and Unified Analytics.

The digital workplace for today’s normal

Overcome the barriers to digital employee engagement

Delivering optimal employee experiences is essential because employees expect more from their interactions with their employers.

DoZen gives you the ability to identify, implement, and track employee journeys and strategic goals with intuitive analytics that help you understand engagement value, goal optimization, and conversion metrics.

With DoZen, you can provide:

  • Personalization powered by Sitecore that provides relevant content to each employee because it’s personalized to them based on their role, location, interests, and even behavior.
  • A scalable platform for growth that enables organizations to quickly and easily add new business units, products, or acquisitions as needed.
  • Integrated marketing tools to easily broadcast to the right audience and create marketing and nurture campaigns.
  • Integrated analytics to measure and track engagement and business KPIs.
  • Enterprise-wide frameworks and systems to speed up technology optimization, integrate new features, and ensure low-friction deployment.
  • A single unified view of all your employees’ tasks.

With DoZen, your employees can:


  • Find personalized content based on their location, interests, behavior, etc.
  • Get the latest notifications from the digital workplace
  • Engage with content through reactions and commenting


  • Carry out all their work actions in one place
  • Have a single unified application to manage service requests
  • Easy access to a mobile experience that gives targeted access to resources and systems, allowing them to quickly and efficiently find what they need.


  • Feel supported and connected through personalized journeys that assist them through key career and life events
  • Have an employee-first experience that fosters community and brings focus to the moments that matter most
  • Enable self-service from a single location

So what does DoZen do?

DoZen combines all the tools you need to deliver an engaging employee experience and innovative digital workplace.

See DoZen solutions & features

DoZen in action

See how Alan uses DoZen to enhance his day-to-day work experience.

The digital employee experience platform for today’s needs

Why should you DoZen? Explore all the ways we make work and life effortless for your entire organization.

Digital Workplace

We do a fully customizable digital workplace so you can do more from one convenient location.

Employee Experience Platform

We do a people-first employee experience platform so you can do engagement and foster well-being both personally and professionally.

Communications Tool

We do communications tool so you can do better to connect and engage with your employees anywhere on any device.

Self-Service Unification

We do personalized self-service unification so you can do prioritized tasks all in one place.

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