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XM Cloud Accelerator for Manufacturing

Transform Manufacturing Digital Marketing Experiences at Scale

Discover how manufacturing organizations handle complex digital experiences, scalability, and content management with a cutting-edge, headless and composable experience management platform in the cloud.


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Transform digital marketing experiences with ease using Icreon's XM Cloud Accelerator for Manufacturing. This powerful solution empowers organizations with a range of features including Blast-Out-Models of Products (BOMs), Integration Framework with manufacturing ERPs, Digital Twins, Virtual Showrooms, Augmented Reality Support, and Federated and Faceted Search.

Achieve enhanced product visibility, streamline sample placement, and gain real-time inventory insights. Redefine the sales process and build deeper relationships with end-to-end customers, including B2B2C clients. The platform's higher fidelity visualizations effectively market complex products, capturing attention and driving engagement.

Experience the potential of Icreon's XM Cloud Accelerator for Manufacturing and revolutionize your digital marketing with seamless scalability and a user-friendly approach.

Manufacturing has unique DX needs

Unleash the true potential of your digital experience with the XM Cloud Accelerator for Manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry presents many unique requirements. Understanding these distinctive needs is crucial to success:

  • The absence of a typical ecommerce flow: Websites in the manufacturing sector often lack a conventional checkout process.
  • Indirect customer relationships: Manufacturers rely on dealer/distributor or wholesale networks to establish connections with customers.
  • Complex SKU and PIM requirements: Manufacturing organizations face intricate SKU and product information management (PIM) needs that can grow exponentially based on various permutations.
  • Integration challenges with ERP and supply chain platforms: Manufacturing companies heavily invest in large ERP and supply chain systems that pose difficulties when it comes to integration and operation from a marketing, sales, and service perspective.

To address these challenges, manufacturing businesses need a modern, headless and composable, cloud-based digital experience platform like Sitecore XM Cloud. It supports customer experience management by providing essential tools for order management, customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain visibility.

With these capabilities, organizations can improve order fulfilment, enhance customer communication, and effectively manage demand fluctuations, ultimately delivering a superior customer experience.


Redefine manufacturing sales and go-to-market with innovative experiences

Sitecore XM Cloud coupled with Icreon’s rapid delivery process enables manufacturing organizations to deliver unique and innovative experiences


Seamless integration

Integrate your digital experience platform with existing CRM, ERP, and sales tools to facilitate efficient lead management and provide a unified view of customer interactions.


Continuous optimization

Analyze engagement metrics and conversion rates, ensuring website, e-commerce platform, and marketing campaigns are constantly evolving to meet customer needs and generate better results.


Enhanced product visibility

Showcase products effectively, providing detailed information, images, and specifications to potential customers to improve product awareness and generate more leads.

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