Canto helps marketing teams stay organized, save time, and professionally share their brand assets.

Without a central system for visual brand assets, a lot of confusion results and countless hours wasted searching for files. When a team manages their master brand assets outside of the CMS, in a digital asset management system, they are able to achieve numerous benefits. Key benefits include: fewer image requests back and forth, wider accessibility to the right files, single source of truth, and other efficiency gains.

Canto offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use digital asset management system that is frictionless to implement quickly with little or no impact to the Sitecore sales process.  Canto customers are among leading brands and institutions, with excellent customer satisfaction and over 96 % renewal rate.

When the website team is being interrupted constantly from internal requests for the latest versions of images and videos, Canto is a great solution. Similarly, when the web team is tired of asking the graphics and marketing teams for the right files, Canto is a great solution. Once you use DAM, you never go back to the old way of doing things. As a leader in the digital asset management industry, thousands of customers trust Canto.

Canto offers its cloud-based digital asset management system, Canto, as an integration for Sitecore customers. Canto runs on Amazon Web Services’ best-in-class global infrastructure, allowing for:

  • infinite scaling of storage and users
  • fast performance
  • enterprise security
  • worldwide asset delivery
  • the ability to deliver AWS-supported innovations to customers quickly, such as AI-powered image recognition and auto-tagging

Canto believes that even the most powerful software should be easy-to-use and simple to navigate.

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