Clay Tablet Technologies

Clay Tablet, part of Lionbridge Technologies, is a leading translation integration solution for Sitecore. Managing the flow of multilingual content between Sitecore and translation providers is challenging. Ever increasing amounts of content, time-to-market pressures and the requirement for personalization of the user experience all point to the need to have an efficient, scalable and flexible translation solution. Clay Tablet’s Translation Connector provides all the tools and features necessary for the translation of large volumes of content, multiple sites and all languages that will ensure the success of your global marketing efforts. But making it easy to get content in and out of Sitecore is only half the equation. Seamless integration with leading translation technology, like Lionbridge’s Freeway translation platform, closes the loop and makes the flow of content back and forth automated and faultless.

Two key components work together to make “going global” quick and simple. First, a mature, feature-rich and proven plugin provides easy-to-use features right inside the Content and Page editors for selecting, sending, monitoring and retrieving content that needs to be translated into any language. Then, a powerful, open, cloud-based Connectivity Platform enables clients to integrate with any translation provider or technology. For clients also requiring translation expertise, our parent company Lionbridge provides a full range of translation services and technologies.

Clay Tablet has been solving translation challenges for Sitecore powered sites worldwide since 2005. With over 100 of the world’s leading Sitecore clients trusting the Clay Tablet solution, there’s no more reliable, scalable, flexible or mature solution on the market.