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September 3, 2019

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The business benefit of having a truly personal content strategy is abundantly clear. In a recent Salesforce survey, 65% of customers said that targeted content influences their brand loyalty, and 52% said that they would switch away from brands that don’t tailor their communications.

However, whilst many brands already recognise that harnessing the information and data they hold about their users and customers is both valuable and important, not all are managing to deliver successfully on their ambitions or to utilise the potential it has to offer.

We understand that getting up close and personal with your customers requires a complex blend of creativity, technology and strategic acumen; combined with an intimate understanding of your customer’s tastes and motivations. We also believe that designing compelling and effective brand experiences lies at the heart of any good content strategy. 

In this webinar, Jack will discuss the methodologies for delivering better channel-agnostic experiences for clients such as the Royal Navy, Honda and UNHCR.

Webinar presenter:

Jack Ashdown
Creative Director
Great State

Jack leads the creative and design department at Great State. He considers himself a bit of a 'hybrid' - working predominantly in creative direction, design, and UX but with a firm footing in CX and strategy. His career has seen him lead global campaigns for the likes of Nestlé and Amazon, take on big website and app developments for Universal, Santander and Orange plus product and service design for some of the agency’s biggest clients, including the Royal Navy and Honda.

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Liam Mepham
Sales Engineer

Liam is an experienced sales engineer. Day to day he enables and empowers business' to drive a more compelling and personalised customer experience by becoming the trusted advisor for their DXP technology. Liam has previously worked with a number of Sitecore customers and partners, before finding his calling at Sitecore. The Loreal digital transformation project is one of his biggest accomplishments and one of Sitecore's best case studies. When he's not working you can find him either mountain biking through the southeast countryside or enjoying numerous water sports.

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