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Cloud deployment

Reduce time and complexity with Microsoft Azure platform-as-a-service (PAAS) scalability.
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Digital marketing at the speed of cloud

Sitecore’s technology deploys on Microsoft Azure’s flexible, enterprise-grade platform across a multitude of global data centers. From the largest enterprises to mid-size businesses, Sitecore Cloud operates in any environment, nearly anywhere in the world. Digital marketers can deliver websites, marketing campaigns, landing pages, and other fast-turn projects in minutes. And IT teams enjoy reliability, speed, and scale with Sitecore Cloud on Azure.

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A powerful combination delivering business results

Accelerate time to market with Sitecore Cloud on Azure

Faster time to market for digital marketers

Get the best of the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP)  complete with web content management, personalization, analytics, testing, and optimization across multiple channels, all on Microsoft Azure.

  • Market in context and with more relevance using Sitecore XP’s Experience Database (xDB) , which tracks every individual customer interaction over time, across every channel.
  • No more long wait times for projects stuck in a backlog—IT can instantly support the dynamic world of context marketing by instantly deploying sites and campaigns in minutes, not weeks.


Familiarity, speed, and scale for IT

Be a superhero to your marketing departments with the ability to instantly deploy and scale on demand. 

  • Deploy Sitecore in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Automatically scale instances, CPUs, and RAM and take advantage of fully automated and repeatable provisioning.
  • Natively supports Microsoft Azure services. 

Delivering results for businesses

Deploy hosted and managed hosted cloud yourself, or work with your preferred Sitecore Certified Solution Provider.

  • Integrates with your existing back-end systems and marketing investments with connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, and Salesforce.
  • Meets all enterprise compliance and security requirements.
  • Reduces costs associated with on-premises infrastructure; Azure optimizes budget with pay-as-you-go metering.

Sitecore managed hosting

Host Sitecore in your own cloud environment, or choose from two managed hosting options to suit your business

Sitecore managed cloud

  • Sitecore manages the environment for you with industry standard uptime and supports your environment within our dedicated support team.

Sitecore managed cloud premium

  • Premium provides faster response times for first line support, while providing a cloud environment for your solution partner to provide implementation and managed services.

Sitecore Cloud on Azure deployment options

Familiar Microsoft stack and flexible cloud options

ARM Templates

Deploy Sitecore® Cloud in under 30 minutes using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates to ensure consistency, alleviate issues between application development and production environments, and deliver digital experiences using pre-set architectures.
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Azure Marketplace

For the ultimate in speed and simplicity, customers can use WYSIWYG-like templates in the Azure Marketplace to deploy Sitecore with just a few clicks.
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Simple, fast, reliable

Provision Sitecore Cloud on Microsoft Azure in as little as 30 minutes.

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Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid

Work backward from the customer experience you desire for your web pages, videos, emails, and other marketing content to gain clarity on where your systems need to align, and how best to deploy an experience platform that enhances the productivity of your team. In this white paper—whether you’re the web director, IT pro, or digital marketer—you’ll learn what to consider when determining deployment options for an experience platform.
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Why deploy Sitecore XP on Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure platform-as-a-service deployments deliver speed, scale, and significant cost savings. And with Sitecore Cloud on Azure, you gain the ability to easily and quickly deliver digital experiences and respond to changing demands with speed. This white paper outlines why and how to deploy Sitecore XP on Microsoft Azure; the differences between PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS; detail on the economic benefits of Microsoft Azure PaaS deployments; and how to migrate to Sitecore XP on Azure.
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