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Sitecore® developer free trial

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Try developing on Sitecore for free

Join the Sitecore Developer Trial Program and receive a trial license for 60 days free of charge. This program offers:

  • .NET developers and students who don’t have access to a customer or partner license complimentary training on the #1 CMS
  • Agencies looking to establish a Sitecore practice a risk-free evaluation process to see if it’s right for them
  • One additional 60-day extension after the initial trial expires
  • Community portals and eLearning courses to get you started right
Developing on Sitecore

Benefits of Sitecore

If you’re new to Sitecore, our classes will give insight into the wealth of functionality and customization options that the platform offers. These include:

  • A robust framework for managing large volumes of interrelated data, built with extensibility in mind

  • Advanced and flexible APIs

  • Highly scalable architecture

  • Intuitive user interfaces for managing content across multiple sites, languages, and teams

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Official Sitecore development guidelines and recommended practices

We created Helix to deliver recommended practices, guidelines, and conventions on how to code in Sitecore, and built Habitat to provide an example solution built upon Helix conventions and principles.


A set of guidelines describing the application of the overall design principles you should apply to a Sitecore project, Helix helps you ensure business objectives are implemented in a future-proof way. Helix helps you architect the implementation as maintainable and extensible business-centric modules.

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A real Sitecore project implemented on the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ using Helix, Habitat lets you see how Helix should be applied and experience a project based on these principles. It also provides an excellent basis on which to develop additional modules and extend existing ones—which saves you having to create these modules from scratch.

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Introductory videos, release history, page and content templates and everything else you need to know about Habitat.

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