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Maturing digitally

The basic goal for marketers never changes—engage your customers with contextual, useful experiences that are relevant to their needs and desires. But we’ve discovered that few marketers know where to start.

The Customer Experience Maturity Model®

You may agree with the concept that “the customer is in control,” but, unless you market in context of current and past customer interactions, you risk being nothing more than an annoyance. Plan how you’ll execute a context marketing strategy by understanding your capabilities today. The three macro phases of our Customer Experience Maturity Model take you on a step-by-step journey through the seven stages of marketing maturity. Short-term programs help you achieve near-term success and build the right foundation for future success.

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Where does your marketing rank on the maturity model?

Take our assessment to find out where you are. You’ll profit from recommendations that help you advance in gaining contextual intelligence on your customer and giving them the relevant content they deserve—in real time and wherever they are.

The three macro phases of maturity: How do you compare?

The Attract phase

90% of surveyed marketers are in this stage

You might have a brochure-style web and mobile site, do content marketing on email and the most-used channels, and at the top of this phase even align your digital initiatives with marketing objectives.

The Convert phase

Only 7% of surveyed marketers live here

You’re analyzing, testing, and optimizing web experiences, personalizing some content, and you’ve embraced the trigger-based dialog that marketing automation delivers.

The Advocate phase

Just 3% of surveyed marketers have achieved context marketing nirvana

You’re data-driven, collecting real-time contextual intelligence on your customer interactions. And you’re optimizing omnichannel automation for seamless dialog across all channels.

Challenge your people

Digital change requires a mix of people, process, technology, and a sharp focus on the customer. Our Sitecore Business Optimization Strategy (SBOS™) team developed a board game that you and your marketing colleagues can play as you discuss and align digital goals and map your context marketing tactics. Play it with your team and watch your new strategy emerge. It only takes an hour and really works.

Play the game

Who is SBOS?

Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of implementing and using the Sitecore Experience Platform, Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies is a best practices resource that helps establish the digital maturity of your organization and identify where you want to be—and then provides practical plans for getting there.

Meet the team devoted to your success

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