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Manufacturing your digital future with Sitecore

See how our customers are transforming their digital experiences while exceeding standards

Investing in a digital transformation now will provide long-term benefits

All around the globe, organizations have had to suddenly re-evaluate their business plans. The need to create a memorable digital experience for your customers has never been greater. Having the luxury of delaying your digital transformation is gone and could mean falling behind your competitors while they fully embrace theirs.

Only 4% of manufacturers today say that their digital experience is dynamically tailored for each customer. By taking action now, you have the opportunity to make a name for yourself as a differentiator. Our interactive playbook takes you through the steps to forging new connections and getting closer to your customers.


Transformation in the manufacturing sector

Understanding your customers is key to becoming a market-leading manufacturer. By unlocking their data, you can get to know them better. And the more you know, the stronger your connection will be. Our guide shows you how to use digital experiences to build true customer value.

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Digital disruption in manufacturing

Customers can buy nearly anything through large online marketplaces. Explore the manufacturing industry’s opportunity to reimagine customer experience and stay relevant in the digital era.

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Sitecore + Microsoft

Manufacture tailored, personalized experiences

Sitecore’s partnership with Microsoft enables manufacturing businesses to embrace growth-driven personalization.

Now, you can drive new growth opportunities with timely insights and closer, cross-channel customer engagement.

Take a look through our guide, case studies, and additional resources and discover how to build better value and stay ahead of the competition.

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