Digital experience (DX) is a buzzword we all know. But let's be real. From a brand’s perspective, the world of digital experience is complex and it requires a lot of moving parts working together and managed by many different teams within an organization.

Crafting a quality digital experience is similar to playing a team sport, but it’s crucial that your brand ensures that everyone is playing on the same field and aiming for the same goal. Today, we'll explore how to empower teams across your organization to deliver first-rate digital experience with Sitecore’s XM Cloud.

What is Sitecore XM Cloud?

Before we dive in, it’s important to know that XM Cloud is part of Sitecore’s composable digital experience platform (DXP) portfolio made up of 11 modular software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. At a high level, composability is all about the value that each piece of your technology stack provides. Your brand can design a unique DXP that fits your business needs, and you’ll have the agility to drive unique value for your business as your brand evolves over time.

A unique business requires a unique tech stack. As a business grows, you should be able to easily plug in or replace different software components to match that growth. That's the beauty of a Composable DXP.

What you get with Sitecore XM Cloud are the benefits of both a traditional DXP and a headless content management system (CMS) with its enterprise-level cloud solutions designed for integrated digital experiences and headless delivery.

At the end of the day, XM Cloud offers speedy development capabilities, freedom of technology for developers, and the ability to create personalized, seamless customer experiences.


Core functionalities of a composable DXP

For any cloud-based digital experience platform, two primary aspects should be considered:

  • Content lifecycle management: The primary tasks here involve building and delivering unique content by integrating content management systems (CMS) for web content, ecommerce platforms for driving conversions, and digital asset management (DAM) systems for handling rich media files — empowering your teams to deliver a fast, efficient digital experience.
  • Experience optimizations: This is where the business user or marketer drives personalized and optimized experiences for visitors. This involves everything from front-end authoring and analytics, A/B testing, improving search experiences with AI technology, and implementing a customer data platform (CDP).

Complementary elements are global delivery and ecosystem integration. Together, these functionalities ensure a fast experience delivery and seamless integration with other marketing software and vendors.


How XM Cloud empowers your entire organization

Creating a digital experience is not a one-man show. Your brand needs all sorts of players, not just marketers or developers; business leaders and digital leaders play equally crucial roles. A modern digital experience platform should empower every member of your organization.

With a composable solution, like Sitecore's XM Cloud, it is easier to cater to all these distinct roles and provide them with tools they need to build successful digital experiences for your business. Let's examine how key roles benefit:

1. The business leader

While often overlooked, understanding the executive perspective is vital to setting up the rest of your organization for success. The business leader focuses on driving business value:

  • Adaptability is crucial, especially during industry shifts or disruptions. A composable DXP built on modern architecture enables businesses to pivot faster.
  • Innovation focus means eliminating distractions like hosting and performance concerns. SaaS allows companies to focus on business value and their differentiators.
  • Executives need the right solutions for their unique needs, not a one-size-fits-all platform. Composable DXPs are flexible for providing a targeted approach.
  • CMOs need to ensure their teams can innovate quickly. They can't wait for lengthy development and release cycles. An API-first DXP with extension points, like events and webhooks, enables integration and rapid enhancement.

2. The marketer

For marketers, priorities include the ability to work efficiently, seamless delivery processes, the ability to orchestrate personalized experiences across channels, and access to analytics to make data-driven experience decisions.

  • Marketers gain a modern user interface (UI) that enables access across the organization, fostering fluid workflows so teams can collaborate more efficiently.
  • Access to self-service tools enables marketing teams to strategize, build, and deliver personalized experiences without dependency on IT teams.
  • Performance analytics are accessible across teams to enable them to optimize content and digital experiences across channels.

3. The digital leader

Digital leaders often focus on achieving low management overhead, maintaining data compliance and privacy practices, and providing uninterrupted, fast experiences.

  • With a SaaS DXP, updates are automatic, reducing management chores.
  • Compliance is also handled through regular and automatic updates, easing data protection and privacy concerns.
  • A global CDN backbone delivers fast, consistent experiences always and everywhere. Digital leaders gain reliability without geography-specific configurations.

The developer

Developers working to ensure the technology to deliver on the brand vision need the ability to drive rapid development, efficient processes, technology flexibility, fast deployment, and quick ramp-up.

  • Modern DevOps practices, continuous delivery, and automated updates available with a cloud-based DXP empower developer productivity and efficiency.
  • API-first architecture and open technology stacks give developers flexibility.
  • Integrations, standards, and SaaS delivery accelerate deployment and new developer onboarding.

The road to composable

No matter the size and nature of your enterprise, digital experience is a team effort. By investing in a solution like Sitecore XM Cloud, you can ensure that each member of your team — from the developer, digital leader, marketer to the business leader — has the right tool to drive a unique, successful digital experience.

Sitecore is committed to offering continuous industry-leading solutions for businesses. Learn more and schedule a demo for Sitecore XM Cloud.

Pieter Brinkman is Vice President, Product Marketing & Developer Relations at Sitecore, overseeing global strategy for the company's developer relations, go-to-market strategies, and product marketing.