It’s a good time in history to build a technology stack. The explosion in martech vendors has blessed us with a wealth of user- and developer-friendly solutions for every imaginable use case, giving us the ability to simplify and streamline our work lives, engage customers more effectively, and build that perfect, best-of-breed stack that hits all the right notes.

But then, often comes the tricky part: Piecing together that best-of-all-worlds, multi-vendor stack. So, what's the best way to make all these different technologies talk to each other seamlessly and share data? Siloed data turns into siloed teams and processes, as well as slower time to market, missed revenue targets, and budget overruns. Just like our employees, the more our systems collaborate and exchange information, the more empowered and impactful each part is.

Sitecore’s solutions typically sit embedded among a variety of web experience, commerce, marketing and sales systems, making the importance of data sharing even more critical. A recent survey of our customers found ‘ease of integration and extension’ to be a Top 3 priority when selecting a vendor.

It’s in this spirit of collaboration that Sitecore has launched our new Connector & Apps Marketplace. In one easy-to-explore location, we've compiled a large selection of pre-built, supported connectors and apps that integrate any of the Sitecore solutions with your tech stack. They're easy to implement, and dependable over time as each puzzle piece inevitably changes and evolves.

So I encourage you to take a few minutes to visit the marketplace and take a look around. We think you’ll find it easy to explore by keyword, use case or Sitecore product area. We’ll be adding more connector options on a regular basis.

Marketplace also lets you take advantage of our rich, seasoned partner ecosystem. Not only will you find connectors and apps built and supported by Sitecore, but also many from our Technology Alliance (‘TAP’) ISV partners and our Solution (Services, Agency and System Integrator) Partners.

Stay tuned for more apps, capabilities and features in the future. But no time like the present to take advantage of it. Happy connecting!

Chris Becwar is the Head of Product Marketing, Ecosystem at Sitecore.