In many of America’s major cities, about half the workforce is working remotely. That’s a lot of screen time with online meetings and video calls. Even as we’ve become bakers, jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts, indoor gardeners, and artists, we’re still spending a significant amount of time with digital content. In fact, in 2020, the average time per day spent using digital media was estimated to be 7.5 hours.

In this time of digital fatigue, brands must engage customers with personalized content in a timely manner to break through the noise. Presenting irrelevant, inconsistent, or untimely content is a great way to ensure they switch to competitive sites that appeal to them more.

Given this state of affairs, we’re thrilled to announce the availability of Sitecore Content Hub 4.0. A unified platform that integrates Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Product Content Management (PCM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), and a Content Marketing Platform (CMP), Sitecore Content Hub empowers the entire marketing department to work together in synergy, not silos, to effectively plan, create, collaborate, manage, and deliver content.

More capabilities; improved functionality

With this new release, we’re launching new capabilities focused on the “delivery” aspect of content.

Using Content Hub 4.0’s headless content delivery, or Content as a Service, teams can dynamically deploy content to fragmented audiences across diverse touchpoints. It simplifies publishing by decoupling content assets — including words, images, graphics, and videos — from the code that determines how they appear on websites, mobile apps, social media, and other channels. By separating back-end content from the front-end presentation layer, it allows marketers and developers to each focus on what they do best at the same time, accelerating time-to-market and increasing flexibility.

To enable this, we’ve enhanced the Content Hub platform with a schema publishing engine and a data publisher to move content to the edge sooner. And we’ve also built a new, highly scalable delivery platform – Sitecore Experience Edge for Sitecore Content Hub — which exposes high-performing graphQL APIs to deliver headless content from Content Hub on-demand to any channel.

These updates increase the efficiency and ease of reusing or repurposing content. And they make it easier to quickly deliver content across numerous touchpoints.

With Content Hub 4.0, we’ve also improved the management of content variations for more targeted content delivery to the right audiences, and improved collaboration and sharing of assets with internal and external stakeholders like agencies and partners.

Finally, we’ve also enhanced efficiency in the content creation and management process – including new capabilities that streamline the drafting and review workflows for any content type and optimize storage by supporting the soft deletion of assets and the archiving of infrequently used assets.

Overcome digital fatigue with timely, targeted engagements

With these capabilities, Sitecore Content Hub 4.0 helps marketers easily and efficiently create, reuse, and repurpose content for a timely and consistent experience across channels, counteracting digital fatigue, and keeping customers engaged.

To learn more about all the new advancements we've been making, visit here. And reach out for a demo of the latest release of Sitecore Content Hub to see it in action.

Jose Santa Ana is Product Marketing Director at Sitecore. Find him on LinkedIn.