One of the most exciting new product announcements at Sitecore Symposium 2022 was Content Hub ONE, a headless CMS system that promises agile, omnichannel experience delivery. Before diving into its capabilities, it makes sense to look at the path that led to its evolution.

The rise of the omnichannel CMS

In the early days of digital experience, marketers needed to focus only on website content, then the era of mobile apps arrived, and now we’ve reached the stage where the average customer engages with your brand via multiple digital touchpoints and consistent experiences are expected as standard.

The process of booking a flight is a great example. In recent years, omnichannel content delivery has revolutionized the customer experience. From our first interaction with the airline’s landing pages to encountering relevant content on its mobile app and airport kiosk – the experience adjusts to every step of the customer journey in a helpful, intuitive way.

Such seamless experiences do not go unnoticed. As customers, we reward effective omnichannel delivery with loyalty. According to research by Aberdeen Group, companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared with 33% for companies with weak omnichannel strategies.

For brands to engage with customers consistently across all channels, a centralized approach to content management is key. Brands must deliver omnichannel experiences and seamless journeys that are relevant, fast, and tailored to each customer.

And that’s where Content Hub ONE bridges the gap between expectation and reality. The headless content management system is designed for tech-savvy brands that need to create and deliver content to any channel, with the speed and agility required to support evolving experiences.

Omnichannel experience delivery with Content Hub ONE

Content Hub ONE is a pure-play, headless, cloud-native omnichannel CMS. Based on Content Hub technology, it is one of the latest additions to Sitecore Content Cloud, an advanced SaaS suite of solutions that is transforming digital asset management, content management, and content operations by helping brands create highly relevant and engaging experiences that can be delivered at scale anywhere.

Key capabilities

  • Helps organizations deliver consistency across touchpoints while maintaining the content in one central location
  • Flexible content modeling gives brands the ability to design a granular, structured content model that is unique to their business needs and channels
  • Intuitive content authoring: Content can be edited quickly without documentation
  • Easy media management: User-friendly media repository and publishing process
  • Advanced search and filtering: Content can be filtered by file type, status, or custom tags

Best of all, Content Hub ONE is designed to empower both marketers and developers. The platform’s simple interface allows marketers to model, create, and update content efficiently and independently, while developers can focus on building customer experiences that resonate using APIs and SDKs that support popular front-end frameworks.

Benefits for marketers

  • Simplified content authoring for marketers and other content creators
  • Fast, efficient publishing process means marketers can easily expand campaigns into new markets, using an omnichannel approach
  • An intuitive interface means marketers can create dynamic content models to fit any channel
  • Content can be served and reused on channels most relevant to customers such as web, app, kiosk, or voice assistant
  • Marketers and authors can work independently of development cycles – not only does this eliminate publishing backlogs, but getting content faster to market improves site performance, SEO, and marketing capabilities

Benefits for developers

  • Fits your organization’s unique stack and architecture needs
  • Cuts down on tech debt by decoupling presentation from code
  • Allows developers to work faster in preferred frameworks and code languages
  • Removes hiring obstacles – allowing you to expand your talent search beyond niche CMS legacy experts

A solid foundation for future growth

With Sitecore Content Cloud, brands have the freedom and flexibility to build a solution that scales with their business needs.

Start with an agile CMS

Content Hub ONE’s ease of use and intuitive UX makes it a solid foundation for brands starting out on their omnichannel journey. Think of it as an agile CMS that grows with your business.

Streamline your content operations

As your content operations expand, Sitecore Content Cloud’s composable architecture means you can connect Content Hub Operations to manage your end-to-end content lifecycle when ready — from strategy to planning, collaboration to headless delivery.

Deliver standout web experiences

Adding XM Cloud allows your business to deliver exceptional web and personalization experiences and headless delivery with freedom of choice for framework development.

Sitecore is helping the world’s leading brands transform content management and omnichannel delivery. Find out more about Content Hub ONE and Sitecore’s suite of composable content lifecycle solutions.

Fiona Hilliard is a Content Marketing Manager at Sitecore. Connect with her on LinkedIn.