Mahindra Auto






New online sales channel

Mahindra Auto collaborated with Sitecore partner, Horizontal Digital, to create an innovative digital solution using the Sitecore Experience Platform. This solution facilitates online vehicle purchases, enhancing the company's business offerings. The Mahindra Auto digital platform offers customizable car options and a seamless end-to-end online buying process. Through this transformation, Mahindra Auto increased IT management efficiencies for a 30% reduction in infrastructure costs.


Delivering a seamless customer experience

The Sitecore-driven Mahindra Auto digital platform streamlines a four-step process for customers, allowing them to personalize vehicles, receive instant exchange quotes, explore finance and insurance options, and complete payments seamlessly in a user-friendly online environment. This efficient experience has led to a decrease in customer drop-offs, and 25% higher sales demand. Sitecore's scalability ensures consistent performance, easily supporting 10,000 concurrent users. Additionally, Sitecore simplifies content management for non-technical staff utilizing the reusable component library, which has cut the time required to launch new products online by over 50%.