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Central Queensland University

University drives digital transformation with student-focused app

Central Queensland University boosts student satisfaction and engagement with easy-to-access personalized content

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Migliore trasformazione dell'esperienza digitale
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Central Queensland University (CQUniversity) is a leader in providing accessible and inclusive world-class training, transformative education, and research for students, partners, and international communities. It has some of the highest ratios of students from disadvantaged, mature age, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islanders demographics, and it is a trailblazer in distance learning with almost half of the current cohort made up of students studying off-campus — many in rural and remote areas. CQUniversity wanted to create a simple, intuitive, relevant, and personalized digital student experience and relied on Sitecore to deliver it.


Lack of a single source of truth left students – and staff – frustrated

Student feedback revealed a major pain point: with more than 50 disparate systems that could be involved in a student’s journey, CQUniversity’s experience was disorganized, disjointed, and discouraging. Reflecting the problem, the Student Support Services team was inundated with support calls from confused students.

CQUniversity understood the necessity to invest in delivering a guided, consistent, seamless experience. By adopting an API integration platform to connect the varied systems and allow for information to be funnelled to a central point, the school has been able to deliver a personalized assistant that provides timely guidance and support, and helps students make sense of university life.

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A guided, seamless experience across students’ digital landscape

Today’s students are more tech-savvy than ever and recognize a good digital experience when they see it. MyCQU is designed from the ground-up to meet those expectations. A student portal reimagined, MyCQU is a student-centric, personalized, one-stop shop that guides and enables students throughout their journeys, on any device.

Through a headless, cloud-based, Sitecore Content Hub™, and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) integrated Sitecore approach, MyCQU’s agile personalization delivers information and resources hyper-relevant to a student’s situation, reducing clutter and surfacing what matters to them at exactly the right time. It works seamlessly with legacy systems, enabling the school to connect and aggregate data to create a highly integrated experience. Also, integration with Content Hub lets admins maintain and deliver an extensive content library with ease.

MyCQU has reduced the number of systems students need to log in to, delivering a simpler landscape to navigate and a powerful UX layer that interfaces with the rest of the student-facing digital CQU. And, because JSS enabled an app-like experience on the web, students get the same great experience across any device. Delivery partner Liquid Interactive pioneered a customized ADFS integration for headless, so that students and staff can log in to MyCQU using their standard university credentials, maintaining a consistent experience and removing a barrier to adoption.

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positive student feedback


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Redefining the student digital experience

Beyond dramatically reducing the number of systems students need to log in to, MyCQU is now an integral part of the University’s communications strategy, utilizing features such as alerts, notifications, and spotlights to keep students informed of changes relevant to them. Also, the app is transforming the way CQUniversity is interacting with and guiding students, along with additional transformative benefits.

For example, the app has essentially doubled student engagement in promoted spotlight opportunities and nearly doubled the number of Commonwealth Assistance Forms lodged for the same term the previous year.

Students report that MyCQU is easy to access and navigate, and they praise its mobile usability, saying that it provides a one-stop shop with access to key platforms, it’s not cluttered by unnecessary information, and it surfaces important reminders.

MyCQU was also designed to enable onboarding of new capabilities to further enhance the digital student experience. A componentized development approach, well-supported by Sitecore XP, allows for rapid updates and enhancements.

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Silver Solution Partner

Liquid Interactive is an award-winning digital design and development agency with expertise across strategy, user research, product design, content development, digital marketing, software development and data analysis. To extract maximum benefit from the powerful Sitecore Experience Platform, Liquid combines advanced behavioral science with sophisticated marketing and user experience techniques.

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