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2020 Sitecore Experience Awards winners

Recognizing the top brands that have delivered unique and impactful digital customer experiences with Sitecore. Explore the award-winning brands, partners, and their digital experiences.

View: Ultimate Experience winners | Еxperience Awards winners | Honorable Mentions

Ultimate Experience winners

Our top honor, the Ultimate Experience Award is given to the brands, and valued partners, whose digital transformations elevated the customer experience and drove the biggest impact to their business and beyond. This year’s five Ultimate Experience winners were selected from each of the 2020 Experience Awards categories.

Coates Hire | Partner: Switch

Australia-based Coates Hire shifted from brick and mortar to digital transactions, reducing operating costs, increasing customers, and improving customer satisfaction.

EPA Victoria | Partner: Deloitte Digital

When the 2020 bushfire crisis hit Australia, EPA’s new website enabled them to act fast and become a beacon of trust.

Johns Hopkins Medicine | Partner: TBG (The Berndt Group)

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Johns Hopkins Medicine website provided timely, accurate information, supporting 1 million page views per day.

Soho House | Partner: EPAM

The global hospitality group serving the creative community shifted its customer experience, helping members stay connected through its digital content.

Triumph Motorcycles | Partner: Dept

By personalizing content, Triumph Motorcycles drove better customer connections, making the dream of owning and riding a motorbike a reality.

Experience Awards winners

Composed of four categories, the Sitecore Experience Awards winners are the top brands, and partners, that have shown stand-out success delivering digital experiences with Sitecore.

Impactful human connections | Content optimization | Innovation | Sophisticated implementation 

Most impactful human connections in a changing world

Demant | Partner: Accenture / Avanade

Denmark’s global pioneer of hearing aid technology centralized its 217 websites, deploying new services and helping transform people’s lives.

Österreichische Post | Partner:

Customers and staff have praised the organization’s new site built for presenting information simply and quickly, and improving content management.

APM Terminals | Partner: Codehouse

APM Terminals’ new website increased traffic and brand trust, and empowered them with better scalability for a COVID-19 demand spike.

Most intelligent content optimization

New York Road Runners | Partner: Icreon

The world’s largest running organization built a single system, increasing sales, boosting customer engagements, and driving interest in website content.

TelstraSuper | Partner: Deloitte Digital

TelstraSuper invigorated member engagement, increased site traffic, delivered personalization, and launched an industry-first microsite for COVID-19 in just one week.

Swiss Post | Partner: Unic

With Swiss Post’s new human-centered website and machine learning, customers now have fast, simple access to products and services they want.

ASML | Partner: Valtech

With a new streamlined website, the Dutch high-tech company drove thousands of new visitors, improved recruitment, and reached new audiences.

Best innovation with emerging technologies

Not Impossible Labs (NIL) | Partner: Verndale

NIL transformed their digital strategy to make content accessible to individuals that live with disabilities and face societal challenges.

Rawson Homes | Partner: Isobar

Rawson Homes delivered a market-disrupting app and new website, taking the stress out of home buying and driving up customer engagement.

Switzerland Tourism | Partner: Unic

Switzerland Tourism created an award-winning website that is highly functional and immerses visitors via stunning, VR-enabled images of the country.

Oney Bank | Partner: Noesis

Oney Bank Portugal offers a new, more personalized web experience, improving access to information and self-service features for customers.

Most sophisticated implementation

Caleres | Partner: RBA

Footwear company with over 15 international brands meets the demands of thousands of orders per hour with its modernized e-commerce platform.

McCarthy & Stone | Partner: Delete

For its retired customers, UK-based McCarthy & Stone shifted its CX from selling property to selling a lifestyle and independent living.

City of Ulm, Germany | Partner: CAMAO

The birthplace of Albert Einstein created a centralized hub for its 150,000 citizens with rich information spanning multiple content types and sources.

Comgest | Partner: Dog Digital

Promoting responsible investing, Comgest built a personalized web experience, delivering targeted information in five languages while maintaining compliance in 20 countries.