The Royal Navy is the senior service of the United Kingdom’s armed forces employing 30,000 sailors, aircrew and marines.

It operates globally in any environment to protect the UK’s national and economic interests, providing humanitarian assistance and supporting our international partners to provide maritime security. The Royal Navy’s single corporate website comprises of approx. 4500 active pages, and plays a key role in communicating the above key themes to its target audience. The purpose of its website is to educate, inform and influence its digital audience in the Royal Navy’s key messages. The site has multiple roles, including informing Royal Navy employees, families and retirees, as well as acting as a public face for the Royal Navy – to increase understanding and raise the positive image of the organisation. The website also supports the Royal Navy’s recruitment drive which needs to attract 3,000 new recruits each year.


The Royal Navy previously used many CMS solutions in the past, and they had an immediate need for a new CMS for the website as they wanted to move into the digital age. There was a need for further functionality to bring the Royal Navy’s activities to life including on-going online support around marketing activities and the creation of new templates. The organisation also needed to be able to effectively and efficiently publish engaging content; to keep pace with Social Media channels and providing a safe online environment for family support communication.


Sitecore provided a total Web Management solution that has allowed the Royal Navy, as a large and diverse organisation with various target audiences, to create and manage dynamic and engaging content, with the flexibility to develop bespoke online solutions and Sitecore approved forum/chat solutions.


The Royal Navy site is rich and engaging, using the latest techniques to display a wealth of information.  The dynamic homepage shows how the integration of the interactive news map works around the rotation of content on the home page. Royal Navy is also considering home page personalisation for users, and overall the organisation is very proud of the media richness of the site.


The Royal Navy report that the key benefits of using Sitecore include improving the publishing logic to make the site more automated, and the use of bespoke content modules that can be re-used to create new pages - saving a lot of editing time. Site traffic has increased and it is also taking less clicks to get to where they want to be.

Content generation has been widened through changing Sitecore’s workflow in order to allow easy access for low level users to add content and update news on a regular basis – this has also freed up the Royal Navy technical team to work on other elements. Security has been a key issue, with lots of penetration testing to ensure the site complies with stringent security guidelines.