DOM Security improves online presence and optimizes the customer journey with the Sitecore platform

DOM Security started to focus on a stronger presence on the web in order to involve the end customer more in the products, increase findability and better support partners in their sales efforts. An initial inventory showed that DOM Security needed more than a standard CMS. Not only did the company want to be very easy to find, but it also wanted to make use of things like e-mail marketing possibilities and personalization.

That's how DOM Security came to Sitecore, which could serve as a one-stop-shop for all its needs. According to the company, Sitecore had a clear vision for the future and Sitecore partner Sidewalk gave us good and professional technical advice. DOM Security called in the online marketing agency In10 for the designs of a new web platform, the first to develop the general, global website Sitecore partner Sidewalk took care of all the technical work.

Now that this foundation has been laid and all European countries will have switched to the new platform in the near future, DOM Security is already looking ahead. One of the next steps is to integrate Sitecore with Agility Multichannel's Product Information Management system.

  • Better presence on the web
  • Optimizing the customer journey
  • Providing better support to partners in sales efforts with perfect product information
  • Sitecore 8.2, easy to use platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Web platforms for marketers and Personalization
  • Integration with an Agility Multichannel Product Information Management System (PIM)
The results
  • A uniform appearance through a single platform for European country offices
  • Personalized approach towards our (potential) customers
  • More opportunities to connect end user and partner





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