Smarter content management

Leading manufacturers across industries and around the globe rely on WAGO’s electrical interconnection, automation, and electronic interface products and solutions to ensure their systems and processes operate effectively. With 9,000 employees, WAGO has operations in 80 countries, nine international production and distribution sites, and 20 distribution companies.

WAGO’s marketing processes were hindered by the lack of a standard system to manage content or run campaigns overall. With teams and systems technically disconnected, assimilating correct and up-to-date information was inefficient. Departments often had to communicate and share content via email. Meanwhile, digital assets and data were managed in different applications leading to errors in content posted on websites. WAGO needed to make content management smarter, faster, more efficient, and consistent.


Centralized, automated content and asset processes

Working with Sitecore implementation partner OMMAX, WAGO deployed Sitecore’s modern, cloud-based Content Hub DAM and Content Hub Operations solutions to manage digital assets, content, and marketing resources. WAGO replaced four separate systems with a single, centralized platform for managing content and assets on 30,000 products and more than 100,000 digital assets.

WAGO’s marketers, along with sales and support colleagues and product managers now benefit from intuitive interfaces and multiple search capabilities that enable easy, at-a-glance access to data and content relevant for product experience and campaign planning and creation.

To speed marketing operations and reduce duplication, WAGO automated its business processes by mapping them in Sitecore using project and campaign templates. WAGO also integrated other SaaS products, including the company’s Product Information Management (PIM) and stock photo systems, and Adobe applications for seamless data exchange.


Lean, efficient marketing

The Sitecore solution provides WAGO with a single source of truth, holding all data needed to support marketing and sales activities, and enable reuse of existing assets, content, and campaigns. Modular content can be grouped and reused in multiple channels and campaigns, which speeds up campaign time-to-market and reduces internal effort.

More than 150 annual marketing campaigns that used to require some manual interventions are now automated, accelerating time-to-market by approximately 15%. The single data repository facilitates better data quality assurance, auditing, and cross-team collaboration, leading to increased marketing productivity and effectiveness.

“Sitecore's solution helped WAGO break down technical silos and streamlined marketing processes,” said Thomas Brandstätter, Head of Product Experience Management at WAGO. “Sitecore established a single point of truth for content and data as the basis for automated marketing communication through various channels and enabled WAGO to reduce its software stack for more operational efficiency.”