Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

OutSystems empowers marketers with Sitecore XP

One of the latest unicorns coming out of Europe, OutSystems is the number one low-code platform for rapid application development. The global technology firm recently teamed up with Noesis, a technology consultancy, to overhaul its corporate website.

The goal? To provide a better, more responsive experience for visitors and to enable marketers to update content and create new campaigns and corresponding landing pages with ease – and with limited IT intervention.

With guidance from Noesis, OutSystems selected Sitecore Experience Platform. Within four months, the team had rearchitected and redesigned, the site, which involved migrating approximately 400 pages, including thousands of image and video assets, to the new integrated platform.

Now marketers have one platform from which to manage content, measure content performance, set up A/B tests, and customize the experience for visitors – all without IT intervention. As a result, they are more agile; the IT team is free to focus on high-priority IT projects; and visitors are spending more time exploring




Southern Europe

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