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Digital success in Automotive

Rapidly-evolving consumer trends are changing the Automotive industry. Explore how you can drive your customers towards loyalty by delivering rewarding online and face-to-face experiences.

The Force of Change – new generations expecting new offerings

The automotive landscape is set to accelerate more than it has over the next five years  more than it has changed in the past one hundred - with customer experience being one of the key battlegrounds.

A clear theme that arise from our latest research is the impact generational transition will have on the automotive world. In other words, Gen-Z is set to be the force that redefines the future of mobility.

While baby boomers defined car culture as we know it, the digital affinity and innate demand for convenience of younger generations is creating a new mobility culture that is set to dramatically impact how the industry operates in the future.

Sitecore’s comprehensive martech stack is designed to empower your marketing organization to deliver unmatched customer experience. Explore more on how our offerings and global ecosystem can help you reach your digital experience goals.

Shifting gears to Automotive digital success

Explore our interactive ebook to learn how to become truly customer-centric and build brand loyalty that has customers racing back and how to prepare your brand for the future.

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Customer case studies

Expert talk with Automotive experts from Microsoft, Publicis Sapient and Sitecore

In this 30-minutes panel our experts discuss key findings and takeaways from the Automotive Customer Report 2021, risks and opportunities for OEMs and dealerships as seen from the customer’s perspective, as well as ways that seamless digital experiences can complement existing strengths to deepen loyalty and nurture revenue streams.

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Sitecars – The Automotive Demo for Commerce

Get on a 20-min journey with us and see how to deliver unique buying experiences in the Automotive industry that build connections.

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