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Marketing technology

It’s time to get serious about your martech stack

Many businesses know they could deliver a better customer experience and earn more revenue with a well-connected marketing technology (martech) stack. Read on for an effective way to turn that knowledge into action.

Where the disconnect lies

Delivering standout customer experiences today is no longer about how nice a salesperson acts in a store. It’s a new day, and while customer-first is still the golden rule, marketing technology now drives it. More companies could (and should) be using it to deliver far better experiences. So why aren’t they?

Marketing technology: The gateway to great customer experiences

Customers you can’t understand or reach aren’t really loyal customers. To earn their loyalty and keep it, you need a clear view of who they are and relevant ways to connect with them. And that demands the right martech solution.

Pair that with good people and solid processes and you’ll soon be delivering outstanding customer experiences — reliably, swiftly, and at scale.

Marketing technology enables great customer experiences — if done right.

3 ways to leverage martech to connect to customers

Get your martech stack ready for the future

For martech to boost your company’s return on investment (ROI), it needs to be flexible and adaptable. In the future, technologies will be flying at us fast, even faster than current ones are today. If you want to stay agile in the marketplace, your marketing technology stack will need to easily integrate with all of them — even if you don’t know what they are yet.

If your current stack is missing key technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and automation, you’re not alone. But you’ll need them if you hope to quickly identify and respond to customer needs, deliver great experiences, and be ready for the future.

Martech is about survival of the fittest. An agile and flexible stack gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to fine-tune customer experiences in response to the market — think adding channels and giving customers more options and more self-service functionality — relatively quickly and easily.

Build a well-rounded roster of resources

If you’re like most organizations, not all your martech challenges are purely technical. There’s a crucial human component that, if not properly strategized, can undermine even the most carefully crafted martech stack.

If you want to optimize your martech, make sure you have marketers, technologists, and those who can connect them.

To complement and augment your company’s expertise in marketing technology and customer experience strategy, consider the 3 R’s: Recruit new talent, Retrain the talent you already have, or Rely on a tech partner that has the expertise you need.

Focus on shared goals and collaborative teams

The C-Suite of today has a different set of DNA than it did a few years ago. Chief Information Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, and Chief Digital Officers are the new C-Suite members whose roles are rapidly evolving as organizations scramble to reorganize and reinvent themselves for an increasingly competitive and digital future.

Responsible for delivering revenue through digital means, these executives need to work together on shared goals if they’re going to rely on successful martech projects to turn the company’s marketing machine into a sales pipeline driver.

Separate marketing and IT teams who toss work over the wall to each other are also an antiquated part of the human/talent structure that doesn’t serve the future-readiness of martech. Joint marketing/IT teams that work together facilitate buy-in on shared deliverables, rather than focusing on separate projects.

Ready for the future of martech?

Marketing technology is primed for a shift from being its own worst enemy to helping achieve highly engaging customer experiences. Once you’re clear on what those experiences should be for your organization, you can identify the future-ready marketing technologies that will deliver it.

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