Chapter 1

Why choose Sitecore over Episerver?

Sitecore is the only company to manage the end-to-end content lifecycle with one connected platform that brings together content, personalization, commerce, and customer data.

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Key initial takeaway: For businesses with one or two websites, 100 or fewer products, and marketing teams with .NET developers, Episerver is a simple and relatively user-friendly solution.

For small, medium, and enterprise businesses with forward-thinking marketing and commerce teams looking to streamline all of their processes with a scalable and intuitive platform, Sitecore is the superior solution with much higher long-term ROI.

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Sitecore and Episerver share several surface-level similarities.

Both are Scandinavian-born companies with a web content management (WCM) heritage and strong connections to the Microsoft ecosystem. And both have added digital commerce, customer-data management, and other marketing capabilities to their WCM foundations.

But once you start scratching beneath the surface, you’ll quickly see the similarities end there.

When it comes to empowering marketing and commerce teams to create and deliver customer experiences that are personal, memorable, and provide ROI, there are critical differences you should be aware of.

Chapter 2

Getting to “one” Episerver is harder than it looks

Episerver’s marketing proclaims, “Content, Commerce, and Marketing on One Screen.” We have to admit it’s a great message – particularly for the mid-market companies Episerver targets. But is getting to that “one screen” as easy as Episerver would like you to believe?

To uncover the reality, you have to start by recognizing that Episerver has grown almost entirely by way of merger and acquisition. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with acquisitions (we’ve acquired several companies, too) – as long as the work is done to integrate the acquired solutions and teams to deliver a platform that offers a consistent user experience for customers.

That’s what we have done at Sitecore. The capabilities in Sitecore® Experience Platform™ and Sitecore Experience Commerce™ are all natively integrated. That means everything – from web content management and customer data management to testing and optimization as well as analytics and personalization – works as one seamless, unified system.

In comparison, Episerver’s acquired products (including Optivo for marketing campaigns and Peerius for personalization) are still more siloed than seamless. That includes different logins for different tools, outdated interfaces in acquired products that haven’t seen much development support, and clunky workarounds for disparate and disjointed functions.

Takeaway: Compared to a natively integrated vendor like Sitecore, Episerver is closer to a provider of multiple siloed tools – particularly when it comes to campaigns and personalization.

What this means is that with Episerver, implementing and maintaining an integrated platform with the functionality you need is no simple task. You’re going to need support. Is Episerver’s support ecosystem up to the task?

Chapter 3

The Episerver ecosystem: skilled resources in short supply

Episerver claims 880 partners. But heed the adage about quantity and quality – sometimes “more” is just more, not better. The top two tiers, Premier Platinum and Platinum – which Episerver defines as having “extensive” or “comprehensive” (respectively) “competency, product expertise and implementation experience…” – are comprised of only 7 partners. Four of those partners are in the Nordics, while the other three are in the US.  

That’s not particularly helpful if you’re an Episerver customer trying to get attention from the limited top-tier partner resources, much less if you’re a customer in Southern Europe or Asia-Pacific. This is why many Episerver customers report the platform is more difficult to implement than they imagined and that they didn’t receive the responsive support they required.

To be fair, implementing sophisticated software is no small task.

This is why Sitecore’s Solution Provider Partner program includes nearly 800 partners, including global, regional, and local digital agencies, systems integrators, and consultancies. And we have dozens of partners across the North America, EMEA, and APAC regions that have the competency, commitment, and resources to be named Platinum Partners.

So no matter where you’re located, we have the right-sized partner to support you with the tailored resources and geographic proximity to meet your unique needs.

We also have our MVP program (a vital aspect of our thriving developer community), large training and support and technical consulting networks, as well as the Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS™) and customer success teams. These programs and teams all share one goal: enabling our partners and customers to use the full power of the Sitecore platform to put their customers at the center of world-class digital experiences.

Takeaway: Don’t be taken in by Episerver’s claims to across the board simplicity. Their platform requires significant development work to deploy and maintain, and their partner ecosystem is not mature enough to support this in most locations.

Sitecore understands the value a large, dynamic partner ecosystem provides customers. This is why we continually invest in our partners, our MVP program, our SBOS team, training and support, and why we acquired Hedgehog

If you’re considering Episerver, be sure to vet their partner recommendation very carefully. But before you take the next step, ask yourself one more question: what are your digital aspirations and how confident are you that the Episerver platform can grow with you? 

Chapter 4

Episerver only supports one half of the content lifecycle

No matter the industry, customers increasingly expect personalized experiences throughout their journey. Most business recognize how essential personalized experiences are today. The challenge is scaling their content to deliver them.

Takeaway: Episerver provides the tools to help you deliver content.

Only Sitecore provides the tools you need to both deliver and create content – as well as the intelligence that connects them.

To scale your content efficiently, you need tools to empower delivering it across channels and devices, as well as the customer intelligence to know what content to deliver to what customer at which point in their journey.

But delivery and intelligence are no longer the bottlenecks in the process of delivering personalized experiences. The bottleneck is further upstream, in the phases of planning, creating, collaborating, and managing the content that fuels the machine.

Episerver has a digital asset management (DAM) add-on. But it doesn’t provide the integrated tools – such as digital asset management (DAM), a content marketing platform (CMP), or marketing resource management (MRM) – that enable companies to solve their content crisis with a streamlined, connected, and efficient process across the marketing organization.

Sitecore does. And by fully integrating all of the elements of the content lifecycle, we can provide customers with actionable insights and automated processes across all of their content needs.

Episerver’s platform doesn’t connect content production and delivery, nor does it connect both with their outcomes. Thus, when it comes to optimizing and analyzing the performance of your ongoing digital experience processes, much of the heavy lifting is up to you.