Quick insight

What an upgrade means for your digital strategy

With every new release, Sitecore keeps getting better. Upgrade to the current version and enjoy not only new features like machine learning and headless technology, but also a product that’s covered by mainstream support.

Keeping your Sitecore platform up to date means you’ll stay relevant for your customers — which is key to delivering the omnichannel, personalized experiences they expect. It might also mean you should start updating your digital strategy to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

Upgrade from Sitecore 6.x

Mainstream support for Sitecore 6.x has expired. Take your digital marketing into the future with the latest version:

  • Get the latest updates and fixes with mainstream support
  • Give content marketers an easy-to-use interface
  • Manage experiences rather than just content
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers with Sitecore® Experience Database (xDB)
  • Engage customers with multichannel marketing apps
  • Collect more accurate visitor data

Upgrade from Sitecore 7.x

Mainstream support for Sitecore 7.x has expired. Level up with the latest version:

  • Get the latest updates and fixes with mainstream support
  • Enjoy a consistent user interface across the entire platform
  • Eliminate the need for IT to be involved in automated testing, optimization, and engagement value analysis
  • Get contextual intelligence on every customer
  • Increase your efficiency with omnichannel automation
  • Track IP geolocation and devices with embedded device detection
  • Use integrated email software to leverage everything you know about your customers

Upgrade from Sitecore 7.5 and up

Elevate your digital marketing with the most recent version:

  • Get complete experience management capabilities
  • Benefit from lower cost of ownership
  • Integrate web content with commerce and product cataloging functionality (using one of our commerce options)
  • Increase productivity with Sitecore Forms, xConnect, federated authentication, and marketing automation enhancements (9.0)
  • Enjoy the ultimate in headless flexibility and reach, without sacrificing personalization, with Sitecore Omni (9.1)
  • Enrich your data with advanced machine learning