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Tech Staff and Designers under One Roof
We're Aviva Solutions – a full‑service digital agency, specializing in Sitecore Commerce technology. We aim to support and streamline your customers' e‑commerce experience with smart, creative solutions. And we achieve this with our own tight‑knit team of seasoned designers, developers, and software architects.

Customer Experience – The Key to Success
Your digital strategy and customer experience can make or break your online success. To create a sound strategy and an amazing experience, you need a robust, scalable e‑commerce platform that integrates seamlessly with your back office and has a distinctive UX design. This is precisely what makes the Sitecore/Aviva partnership so formidable.

Ten Years of Sitecore Commerce (Server) Experience
Aviva Solutions has already accumulated over ten years of Sitecore Commerce (Server) experience and we always keep up to date with latest releases and technologies. This enables us to create relevant online experiences and profitable e‑commerce platforms. We're always eager to work with partners – not only on behalf of our own customers, but also on third‑party projects where our e‑commerce expertise is highly sought after. With our own Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and in‑house product development team, you'd be justified in calling us true experts in our field.

Mercury e‑commerce – The Sitecore Commerce Accelerator
As a testament to our e‑commerce expertise, we recently launched Mercury e‑commerce – a fully in Sitecore integrated e‑commerce accelerator with ready‑to‑use e‑commerce components. If you'd like to streamline and accelerate your e‑commerce projects by combining Mercury e‑commerce with Sitecore's digital marketing tools, then find out more about what Mercury can do for you.

User Experience (UX), e‑commerce (B2B & B2C), Omnichannel Retail, Online Branding, Mobile, Integration, Websites, Software Development, Software Architecture, Intranet & Collaboration.

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