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Gen AI Activation Form

Sitecore is introducing and may from time to time make available certain generative artificial intelligence services, features or functions as part of the SaaS Products or Hosted Services (“Gen AI Functionality”). Sitecore offers you the flexibility for use based on your internal policies, meaning you are free to choose to use such Gen AI Functionality at your own discretion.

If you want to opt in and be able to take advantage of the Gen AI Functionality made available by Sitecore, and you have a MSTC (or Cloud Addendum) entered into prior to April 1, 2024, then you will need to enter into a Gen AI Activation Form, which will amend your Master Agreement and incorporate the terms and conditions of the Gen AI Addendum. For your reference, the Gen AI Activation Form is included below for download.

Where you will enter into the Gen AI Activation Form with Sitecore, your Sitecore customer representative will populate the variable fields in the recitals, add the signature blocks, and send to you for signature.

Gen AI Activation Form (template)