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With Acxiom Real Identity™ you can:

  • Create a unified customer view: Synchronize identity data used across the enterprise
  • Measure performance: Synthesize and analyze billions of customer transactions and interactions, both digitally and offline
  • Customize: Configure identity graphs to specific business needs with recognition rules, groups, and global identifiers
  • Take back control: Bridge the gap left by third-party cookies and take ownership of all owned and paid media

Understanding the customer journey

All brands want to understand when, where, and how customers and prospects are engaging with their content and brand. To do this, you need to be able to capture interactions across devices, making identity resolution and management essential. Having an enterprise-wide way to identify your customer’s data signals is crucial.

Acxiom Real Identity™, combined with Sitecore CDP, empowers first-party identity graph and first-party tagging. These help companies understand customer identity across touchpoints and ensure customer data is consistent and accurate, enabling enterprise-wide customer use cases including personalization, next-best action and addressable audiences.

Using real-time integrations into Sitecore CDP, Acxiom Real Identity™ helps establish the foundational data base you need to make accurate customer identity management decisions and create relevant and timely experiences throughout their journey:

  • Fuel enterprise-level use cases from operations to marketing to data governance
  • Consistently connect people across touchpoints, devices and channels
  • Maintain ever-changing customer information over time
  • Support a preferred customer view tailored to the unique lens of the brand

Optimize identity as needs change and expand

Get global identity solutions at scale across your Sitecore CDP and ensure you have an enduring competitive edge in all people-based activities.

customer journey

Journey optimization

Insights to identify the next-best action to take in relation to acquiring new customers, abandoned journeys, and customer experience.

Media effectiveness

Identify KPIs to optimize the performance of programmatic media campaigns and provide cost-effective ad placements.

Technical planning


Decisioning and orchestration determine and develop flexible strategies for pricing customer communication and agent assistance.

personalization icon


Decisioning and orchestration deliver the insights you need to create personalized customer experiences on owned websites, and through email, mobile, and more.

First-party identity is the new currency

Take a more in-depth look at how Acxiom Real Identity™ equips you with the expertise and capabilities to own first-party identity.

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Acxiom Real Identity™

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