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Avanade Content + Commerce

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Realize end-to-end control from content to commerce

Bring your content and commerce together for channel-less customer experiences that engage and convert


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Consumers want a seamless experience, regardless of whether they’re engaging as a B2C or B2B customer. They expect brands to understand them at every touch point, serving personalized, connected interactions across website, mobile, social media, messaging apps and in-store. This is channel-less experience.

With Avanade’s accelerator, channel-less experiences can be a reality for your business in just 12 weeks. We fast-track your content and commerce strategies so that you can achieve rapid results and ROI sooner.

To unlock the full potential of Sitecore solutions, we design and deliver your tailor-made DXP within the Microsoft ecosystem – creating a seamless technology experience that you can pass on to your customers.

Meet channel-less demand at speed

For complex, modern brands managing a channel-less go-to-market strategy can be difficult, as it requires a streamlined operation. De-centralized assets, legacy systems, a lack of central content repository, and unreliable performance – can all cause roadblocks to a true channel-less strategy.

Avanade helps guide your journey to channel-less. We adopt a holistic and practical approach, taking the time to understand the best solution for your challenges, and working with you to explore the right move forward.

We leverage Sitecore’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to bring your commerce and content strategies together:

  • Content Hub centralizes your digital assets for flexible content planning and collaboration
  • OrderCloud enables you to deliver modern commerce experiences on any channel

Plus, our unique and exclusive partnership with Microsoft means we are ideally positioned to integrate your Sitecore DXP into the Microsoft ecosystem. By building in Azure, we unlock agility, speed and scalability for your brand – and expand the capabilities of your Sitecore platform to include analytics and AI, which can be used to further personalize your customer experiences.


Composable commerce and content control

Increase ROI

Boost revenue with personalized experiences that increase average order value and encourage repurchase.

And cut costs by repurposing assets and capitalizing on your existing resource.

Drive efficiency

Increase workforce productivity through streamlined, automated processes and cross-team collaboration.

Accelerate time-to-market

Improve developer productivity with greater flexibility to realize new features and an online testing environment.

Deliver finalized assets faster with shorter workflows.

Mitigate risks

The composable environment enables you to innovate, test and deploy at speed with minimal risk, while best-of-breed hosting provides high data security.

Centralize asset management

Ensure consistency in branding, quality and delivery of content – with a single source of truth for all assets.

Improve decision making

Third-party data integration provides a 360° customer view, giving you the insight to reduce cost per acquisition, improve upsell opportunities, and track content effectiveness.

Content and commerce accelerator

Fast-track your content management and branded commerce strategies



We prepare and schedule interviews with internal and external stakeholders, develop kick off materials, and review background documents.


Discover and learn

We carry out interviews and workshops to review your current capabilities, infrastructure requirements, integrations, content, key site functionality, SEO and analytics.


Analyze and design

We analyze the discussion points from the interviews and workshops, complete a competitive and comparative review against industry standards, and highlight opportunities for differentiation.


Findings and recommendations

We define the channel-less vision for your customer experience and provide recommendations in the form of an executive summary, roadmap and future project plan.

Content + Commerce Guide

Elevate your content and commerce experiences with Avanade, Sitecore and Microsoft

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